Uwerx(WERX) And Lido DAO(LDO) Are Enjoying Some Cash


Cash is king across most financial markets, and having such liquidity is very important to the strength of a project in the crypto market. It’s usually a good sign if a project has sufficient liquidity despite dwindling market conditions. Uwerx has found some success in raising funds as the presale progresses, and it’s a pointer to good things to come. This opportunity also allows early adopters to profit from the margin available towards launch.

Similarly, LidoDAO is probably the most liquid network on the Ethereum blockchain, and it will have some crucial processes in the coming weeks.

Learn More About Uwerx(WERX)

Uwerx is a new blockchain-based solution for the global gig economy, and its approach will give it an edge over predominant freelance platforms. Uwerx aims to decentralize the gig economy with the use of blockchain; this allows much-needed community governance where users can have more voice over the evolution of the landscape.

With a decentralized gig economy, users can easily add new features, keep more money to themselves without paying exorbitant fees, find better opportunities, and have transparent pricing. Uwerx will allow users to pay a 5% flat fee for all contracts on the platform. Other unique features will include personalized matching, incentivization of activity, and several built-in tools to improve collaboration.

According to Kasriel, 30% of the Fortune 500 currently use Upwork. Tech corporations are still one of the main forces supporting the industry, and we’ve seen impressive growth in the gig economy over the past few years.

Uwerx uses WERX as the primary utility and governance token; however, the platform will allow users to process payments with cryptocurrencies, solving a prominent payment limitation with existing freelance platforms.

You can be early on WERX ICO and make some cool profit for yourself. Crypto rewards early adoption, and the presale is live.

Lido DAO Staked Ether Withdrawals

LidoDAO (LDO) is Ethereum’s most dominant liquidity staking platform, and it is preparing for its first withdrawal since the recent Ethereum upgrade. Following the Shapella software upgrade scheduled for April 12, which will allow ether withdrawals, Lido’s announced it needed to launch V2 before withdrawals are enabled. testnet preparation and the conclusion of its numerous security assessments won’t be finished in time. Early in March, members of the LidoDAO community cast votes in favor of the software upgrade after it was believed that withdrawals would not be available until May.

May is here, and the V2 upgrade is perhaps Lido’s biggest upgrade since its launch in December 2020. The upgrade will allow the withdrawal of more than 5.9 million ETH, which has been staked. LDO, the governance token of the protocol, has been on an uptrend since the community votes started. There could be a short-term opportunity in LDO, but Uwerx is a much more long-term token to look at.

Uwerx(WERX) Presale Details

Uwerx has already launched its Phase 4 presale, and the token price is already at $0.0225. This is the lowest price the token will be, considering it would increase as the presale progresses. The projected final presale price is around $0..95 – $0.115, which already allows some room for a profit before the launch begins.

SolidProof and InterFi Network are two auditing companies to have vetted Uwerx as a safe project to enter, rendering credibility to the internal safety measure the project already has in place for early adopters.

Find out more here and take advantage of the 20% bonus offer:

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network

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