Uwerx (WERX), ApeCoin (APE), or Cronos (CRO): Which is More Likely to Breakout?


After finally crossing the $1 trillion mark again, the total crypto industry is heading toward a revival. In all this, investors are increasingly looking towards putting money in tokens that have a likely chance of giving decent gains. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Uwerx (WERX) Leads the Pack

Planning to offer financial freedom through decentralization, Uwerx is building a freelancing platform that will tackle some of the biggest points faced by individuals in the gig economy.

Freelancers are frustrated with the high cost associated with using mainstream gig platforms which pocket a big part of their earnings as fees, charge heavily for withdrawals, and limit how many freelancers can expand their work.

This has caused immense excitement for Uwerx. The project plans to launch its WERX token for $0.0075 and industry analysts are predicting the token to reach as high as $1.2, presenting a possible 11,900% payout.

ApeCoin (APE) Likely to Go Bananas

From the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), ApeCoin (APE) is an extension of the project, but this time instead of NFTs, these serve as governance tokens. Launched in March last year, there was a surge in price for ApeCoin (APE). But after the initial excitement reached nearly $23, ApeCoin (APE) settled down and now is going around $4.01.

However, with the governance protocol implemented, the ApeCoin (APE) is gaining popularity and rising in the ranks. Current estimates put ApeCoin (APE) to be around $11 before the year’s end. Investing now in ApeCoin (APE) can result in around a 76% profit, which is pretty significant.

Time for Cronos (CRO) to Shine

A blockchain by Crypto.com, Cronos (CRO) is its base token. Since the start of the year, Cronos (CRO) has been on the rise and crypto experts are pointing towards more growth. Sitting at $.081, the price may not seem that good, but factor in the previous trend and the future outlook, Cronos (CRO) may reach as high as $0.13.

This is a possible 60% profit from Cronos (CRO) in the space of a few months. Looking at other metrics for Cronos (CRO), a strong market cap of $2 billion but a comparable low trading volume of $20 million shows that the token holders are accumulating it. This just may point to a breakout that Cronos (CRO) needs.

Why Uwerx (WERX) Expected Growth is So High?

Professional investors have always been able to realize the hidden potential of early startup projects like Uwerx and believe it will become a mainstream token. They base their expectations on some major and solid steps taken by Uwerx to ensure sustainability and long-term growth.

First, Uwerx has announced that it will give freelancers breathing space by going against the industry and charging only a 5% fee. Taking away 15% more on earnings is certainly a strong pull factor for Uwerx.

To further bolster confidence, Uwerx is also going to become a publicly owned platform as users are given control – along with all taxes on transactions removed.

At the same time, Uwerx will be offering benefits such as instant payment release through its WERX token and no extra charges for withdrawals. A strong decision to have a 25-year-long liquidity lock after presale ends will also give users and investors confidence. The team also has shown commitment by having a code audit through InterFi Network and SolidProof even before the launch, pointing towards their high priority on the security of the project. Additionally the contracts of the project will be renounced by the owners as soon as the project is ready to be on centralized exchanges.

This makes Uwerx a strong contender to dominate the freelancing market and although other tokens such as Cronos (CRO) and ApeCoin (APE) might gain value, WERX will likely grow much more – be a part of this novel project by joining the presale using the links below and benefit from a 25% purchase bonus.

Presale: invest.uwerx.network

Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network

Website: https://www.uwerx.network/



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