bitcoin payment

The use of Bitcoin payments can be daunting for newcomers. Thankfully, things are slowly improving in this regard.

No one likes to remember very lengthy and complex Bitcoin wallet addresses.

A Different way of Handling Bitcoin Payments

The use of QR codes for payments is an option, albeit some people prefer a simple web URL.

It now appears that completing Bitcoin payments through the IPFS is possible.

To make optimal use of this service, adding an Ethereum Name Service solution to the mix will yield better results.

As such, one could argue that is now possible to complete Bitcoin payments using Ethereum technology.

One such solution is developed by 0xNow, who runs the “now.eth” domain.

He cobbled together a solution to integrate a BIP20 URI with an ENS map to a html redirect on IPFS. 

There will be some people who claim no one really needs Ethereum technology to make a convenient Bitcoin payments.

That is certainly true, but in order to achieve mass adoption, combinations of decentralized protocols are certainly worth exploring. 

It makes it a lot easier to pay any Bitcoin address while still maintaining a high degree of decentralization in the process. 

For true cryptocurrency enthusiasts, experiments like these highlight the realm of untapped possibilities. 

One can only hope to see more of these innovative solutions.

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