US Presidential Election Results Will be Visible on Ethereum and EOS

CryptoMode US Presidential Election Blockchain

Blockchain technology is innovative and can serve many different purposes. Few people expect both Ethereum and EOS to get involved in the US Presidential election. Results of this major political event will be posted on both blockchains with the help of the Associated Press.

Verifiable and Immutable Data

It is obvious the outcome of the US Presidential election will attract a lot of attention. Neither party will take the result without putting up a struggle. President Trump is a lot more vocal about this matter compared to Biden, at least for now. That being said, everyone will benefit from an outcome that is both verifiable and immutable.

The Associated Press team is apparently thinking along the same lines. Their current plan of action is to post the US Presidential election outcome on both the EOS and Ethereum blockchain. It is the first time something on this scale takes place. More importantly, it is also a validation of what both ecosystems can bring to the table. 

Furthermore, the AP will use both blockchains behind the scenes for its own API. Anyone who checks the official results can verify the accuracy of the presented information. In this modern era of fake news, biased results, and a lack of transparency, this move is rather significant. Additionally, this can create a precedent for any future election, both in the US and internationally. 

The AP’s API will prove beneficial for the many different apps built by news and research sites. During the US Presidential election, these mobile apps will scan the API for new updates and results. It is an interesting way of leveraging the power of blockchain technology to not only store, but also verify information.

Everipedia Gets Some Love

Whereas most people are familiar with Wikipedia, it is not the only site of this calibre to be aware of. Everipedia is a blockchain-based competitor to Wikipedia. Through its oracle, all data coming from the outside world will be verified for accuracy. Everipedia leverages Chainlink’s oracle system to ensure this process can occur in a transparent and fair manner. Voting data collected by the AP will be posted on this platform as well.

Once all verification checks have been taken care of, the US Presidential election data is posted to the EOS and Ethereum blockchains. The native programming languages of both ecosystems allow for such services. Having the support of the Associated Press to publish this data onto the blockchain is a major milestone for the industry. 

The big question is how this will help combat fraudulent voting outcomes. After all, both blockchains only record the data provided by the Associated Press. It does not address any flaws within the voting system itself, of which there are many. 

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