US Jobs Report Puts Pressure On Bitcoin – Aims To End Downside Volatility With USDT-Backed Treasury


With news of a better-than-expected employment report, many experts believe this could bring forward interest rate hikes and impact Bitcoin’s price considerably. Some say it could dip as low as $15,000 per token. This isn’t great news for BTC investors. But Other cryptos can still flourish despite the worsening macroeconomic conditions.

Tokens like Uniglo could still be primed for success. Experts like the look of this new project that’s entering the final stages of its pre-sale, and you can still grab it at discount prices for a bit longer. It could be the answer to a dipping BTC and might be an extremely prudent investment in the current climate. Here’s why:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is resistant to significant market moves and protected against volatility thanks to its diversified and deflationary store of value in the GLO vault. This includes other cryptos, NFTs, and digital gold, but importantly is not reliant on the price of any one project to succeed. Unlike many other crypto projects that follow the price of BTC, a drop in the price of Bitcoin can leave GLO largely unaffected. And GLO holders also get a complete say in what products make up the GLO vault thanks to a community-driven approach. So if you want strength even when other cryptos are struggling, GLO could be for you.

Bitcoin (BTC)

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News of a BTC dip isn’t great for investors in the biggest coin in crypto. But remember, a much bigger dip was expected last time BTC struggled. Perhaps interest rate hikes are already accounted for in its price and BTC may stay strong. But a better crypto investment might be more prudent in these unpredictable times.

Tether (USDT)

Tether has recovered after some talk of difficulties with the platform, and it continues to provide users the benefits of digital finance with the security of the dollar. With the dollar performing well recently and interest rate hikes on the horizon, it might be a credible investment for the long term.


BTC and USDT could still have a worthwhile place in your portfolio, but Uniglo has all the strength needed to succeed in the coming months. That’s why you should check out its pre-sale before it’s too late.

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