Uphold now Supports XRP Tip Bot Functionality

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Various cryptocurrency exchanges have shown an interest in integrating support for XRP through various means. Uphold is currently in the process of supporting the XRP tip bot, which is very interesting in its own regard. 

Most crypto enthusiasts may have heard of the XRP tip bot.

The XRP Tip Bot Works With Uphold

It allows anyone to send or receive XRP tips through social media, such as Twitter, with Reddit and Discord to be added. 

Since its inception, the bot has proven incredibly powerful and successful.

However, it is always pertinent to introduce support for other platforms and companies as well.

Uphold, the popular crypto trading platform, is the latest to enable native support.

Through its platform, the XRP tip bot functionality can be accessed. 

Users can connect their account, but the tips will only be processed if both sender and recipient have their Uphold account connected.

This is an interesting solution to set up personal donation pages, create tip buttons, and link multiple social accounts to 1 Uphold account.

With this exchange openly supporting the tip bot, it will be interesting to see if other trading platforms follow this example.

For the XRP community, this is a very special and surprising development, yet one that may bring  a lot of positive attention to the project. 

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