Uphold Launches US Equities Trading With Crypto Support

CryptoMode Uphold US Equities Crypto

Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms have the responsibility to bring financial products to their customers. Uphold is doing exactly that, by officially introducing US equity trading. Using this platform to diversify one’s financial portfolio has never been easier.

A new Feature for Uphold Users

Bringing more financial products and services to cryptocurrency enthusiasts is crucial. In recent months, the rise of decentralized finance has taken center stage. It remains pertinent to look beyond the DeFi industry as well. A lot of people simply want convenience, including access to more traditional markets. 

Exploring the US equities markets is a very intriguing approach by Uphold. The company wants to provide the most convenient and cost-effective way to trade these equities. Investments can occur with as little as $1. This makes this offering very approachable, both to crypto enthusiasts and others. 

Going beyond just providing access is what sets the service apart. Highlights of what one can achieve include:

– Direct conversion between US equities without going through USD first

– Trade between crypto assets and US equities

– Never having to worry about dormancy fees

– Not being forced to invest a specific minimum amount

Exploring the Equities and ETFs

To ensure users take advantage of this offer, Uphold is kicking things off with a stellar lineup. US Equities to invest in include Tesla, Netflix, Amazon, Mastercard, Alphabet, Disney, and so forth.  Throughout 2020, these markets have all proven to be rather volatile. Taking advantage of market swings can help users build up a more powerful portfolio over time.

Investing in exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, is equally possible. These baskets of securities are provided to Uphold users from day one. Seeking exposure to different asset classes is always a solid idea. 

All of this functionality can now be accessed through the Uphold mobile app. It can be downloaded for Android or iOS

Do keep in mind it is crucial to educate oneself on all of these markets first and foremost. Going in blind will always result in financial loss. 

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