Uphold Brings 5 Major Crypto Assets to its US Customers

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Gaining more exposure to different crypto assets is always an option worth exploring. Uphold has introduced five new assets for its US customers. A big decision, considering the assets included in the list.

Five new Uphold Assets in the US

As far as cryptocurrency trading platforms are concerned, removing trading markets happens more often compared to adding new ones in the past few years. It is due time that platforms become a lot more selective in terms of which assets they add over time. 

Listening to customer feedback will play a crucial role in this regard. If customers demand exposure to certain assets, and the demand is high enough, adding said assets is the right course of action.

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American users of the Uphold platform will be pleased to hear new assets are now available. The list includes ChainLink, Cardano, EOS, Zilliqa, and Cosmos. Most of these choices make a lot of sense, given their current social sentiment and market performance. EOS Is the only asset with a bit of a lackluster performance in 2020 so far. 

These assets are not new additions to the Uphold platform as a whole. They were not enabled for US traders until last night. Rolling out currency support based on specific regions has become a necessity in recent years. Given the current regulatory sentiment toward altcoins and tokens, carefully reviewing what to add – and when to do it – is of the utmost importance. 

A Major US Marketing Push

It has to be said, Uphold has been actively targeting the US crowd as of late. Not that long ago, the company introduced US equities trading through the supported crypto assets on the platform. 

Diversifying one’s assets by exploring US equities is an option worth exploring  Although equities are not performing all that well as of late, it is a market that seems to appeal to the younger crowd. 

At this time, Uphold supports 27 national currencies,, 30 cryptocurrencies and utility tokens, 6 stablecoins, and 4 metals. For those who don’t want to explore US equities, diversifying a portfolio by looking into gold and silver is a valid option.

One also has to keep in mind Uphold’s motto, which is “anything to anything“. Any of the supported options can be traded against anything else, creating some very unique trading markets. All of this can be unlocked at 0% trading commission, 0% fees on payment card deposits, and 0% withdrawal fees for bank accounts and cryptocurrencies.

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