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Competition among blockchain applications is heating up quickly. On Ethereum, it appears that Unstoppable Domains has claimed the #1 spot.

The project, which builds domain names on blockchains, has seen a lot of initial success since its launch.

Solid Growth for Unstoppable Domains

This particular domain name system is of great interest to crypto enthusiasts and companies around the world.

Not long ago, Unstoppable Domains introduced the crypto registry to its offerings.

It is a great way to link crypto wallet addresses to personalized domain names. 

As this is now the most active Ethereum app, it will be interesting to see what the future holds.

Keeping up this steady rate of growth will prove difficult, if not impossible.

Most people already registered the domain name they want, leaving very little else to do.

Unstoppable Domains can still top the charts in terms of overall transactions, however, which is something worth keeping an eye on.

With over 180.000 blockchain domain names registered already, the ecosystem is set to undergo major growth.

How these domain names will be used by their owners, is a different matter altogether. 

Accessing these custom domains can only be done if the crypto wallet or browser extension supports it.

So far, there are very few solutions that effectively do so.


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