Universal Auction Platform (UAP) prepares to enter Europe and America Market in 2022

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Since the published of Blockchain in 2008, it has developed from the earliest 1.0 currency, 2.0 financial development to 3.0 application. Many industries all around the world are actively developing and applying blockchain technology, which are finance, medical care, agriculture, art and other fields are progressively moving towards landing application. On the other hand, The Universal Auction Platform (UAP) will be the world’s first pioneer in applying Blockchain technology to the auction industry.

In the past few years, UAP has implemented strategic cooperation with many well-known online auction houses in the Asia-Pacific region, and the UAP TOKEN issued by it combines online auctions with Blockchain technology to jointly create an encrypted ecosystem that based on the auction industry.

For now, Asia Pacific market is comparatively mature and in a state of equilibrium, and the next goal for UAP is to enter the Europe and America auction market. Well-known European and American auction houses such as: “Sotheby’s”, “Christie’s” and “Phillips de Pury” are all world-renowned. Many small auction houses that rely on offline auctions are closing down one after another public health emergencies. And the large auction houses that are still standing are also gradually changing to move the core into online business. This also allows UAP to have a wider space to have cooperation with many other auction houses in Europe and America.

Universal Auction Platform (UAP) was founded in early of 2018 and it is committed to reforming the operation of the online auction market with Blockchain technology. According to data, global online auction market accomplishes a steady growth from 2014 to 2022, and for the market scale is expected to exceed the amount of $5.4 billion in the next five years. This introduces a huge opportunity for Universal Auction Platform (UAP) to attract major platform partners in the market. As a main participant in the BlockSeoul Blockchain conference that held in Seoul, South Korea in 2018, Universal Auction Platform (UAP) emerged in the industry, it also appeared on the front page of Forbes India and turn as an innovator in the same year within a short period of time. These positive factors provide a support for the successful launched of UAP token, the price even climbed from the initial value of 0.1 to 0.22 when the market opens.

UAP’s tireless efforts are to apply the power of Blockchain to current and future services, said by Mr. Tim Cooper, founder of Universal Auction Platform (UAP), at the BlockSeoul Blockchain conference. 

‘’ UAP is creative thinking that brings luxury, second-hand luxury and other auction items together. The success of the components of the UAP ecosystem will make one of the most complete technical online auction solutions in the future world. ’’ Said by Mr. Cooper.

From UAP token owners, users, auction platforms to buyers and sellers, a wider adoption of the Global Auction Platform Blockchain program in the online auction space will contribute to the successful establishment of each component of the UAP ecosystem.

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