UNISPACE token USPC will be listed on UNISWAP with price of 1 USDT

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Decentralized finance (DeFi), as we all know today, has moved beyond being just a dreary-eyed dream to everyday reality. This phenomenon has, and will, continue to affect every part of our day-to-day lives. At the heart of this DeFi movement are blockchains, which have permitted the introduction of thousands of digital assets into this new face of contemporary finance.

Unispace is one of several DeFi newcomers seeking to establish itself as a household name in this regard. The platform seeks to consolidate existing infrastructure, as well as introduce new and exciting innovations which would revolutionize traditional finance alternatives.

Why Unispace?

Unispace is an innovative protocol with the aim of establishing a trustless and decentralized finance system. The platform came to be in a bid to ease the way users make use of DeFi solutions. The network will serve as a comprehensive alternative to the shortfalls troubling the traditional finance systems.

By incorporating trustlessness and decentralization, the platform is seeking to build a digital finance empire where no single entity or group of entities will have absolute control. Users of this platform will be able to effectively manage their digital resources, trade, invest and earn rewards without having to be subjected to red tapes and time-consuming approvals as is peculiar to traditional systems.

Network users, in this system, are not just relegated as onlookers, but instead, become participants. This is possible due to the availability of a governance protocol.


A key component of any truly decentralized system is the ability of its users to participate in the network governance. Without a governance model, a decentralized finance protocol cannot truly be referred to as decentralized.

Governance confers on the network users the ability to make changes and upgrades to the system in areas where it is needed. In most systems, governance is attained through the purchase and possible staking of a network’s native token. Governance is in fact, a bedrock of decentralization.

Unispace Governance

Unispace, like other revolutionary protocols, is making provision for a governance model on its platform. The DeFi provider states in its white paper that, “the project allows the stakeholders to effortlessly amend or change the base protocol… and key system parameters in accordance to the need”.

This means that only users who actively possess its native token will be able to effortlessly decide to make amends to the protocol as the need arises. Also, holders of this token would be needed to stake or lock their tokens to be a part of the governing procedure.

Ultimately, Unispace’s governance model will kick into effect after the launch of the native token, USPC. This is, however, dependent on the subsequent announcements that would come from the platform.

USPC Listing

The USPC token is set to go live for public sale on the 25th of May till 25th of June 2021 when it is listed on the cryptocurrency exchange, UniSwap. The listing provides a chance for early investors to earn bonuses of as much as 50% depending on the amount of USPC purchased.

There will be 22,000,000 tokens up for sale with a price of 1 USPC – 1 USDT. Being an ERC-20 token, the USPC can equally be purchased using ETH, WBTC, DAI among others. 

Bonuses will be distributed at the end of the public sale. For more information, visit https://unispace.finance

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