Uniglo.io will burn millions of tokens to push its price on launch. Tamadoge and Solana holders are expected to invest


Rumors about FTX’s solvency, mid-term elections, and October’s CPI (Consumer Price Index) print: November promises to be another exciting month for crypto. 

Seasoned investors avoid short-term noise and invest based on fundamentals. Uniglo delivers a masterclass in tokenomics, and with an enormous upcoming burn, investors from across the ecosystem rush to participate in what promises to be one of 2022’s most exciting ICOs. 


Uniglo perfectly highlights digital assets’ potential. This community-owned and DAO-governed protocol enables investors to store value long-term. It accomplishes this by exposing investors to a unique blend of digital assets paired with deflationary tokenomics. These two measures ensure a constantly appreciating valuation for GLO and allow investors to capture and retain the actual purchasing power of their capital. 

Business2Community listed Uniglo as a project with explosive potential, and on-chain analysis shows a massive uptick in capital allocation following the burn announcement. Uniglo developers have stated they will burn millions of tokens, and this drastic reduction will cause a supply shock putting immense upwards pressure on GLO’s price. Easily one of the most exciting launches of 2022.


Tamadoge is a play-to-earn protocol built around NFTs. It has recently launched its NFT range on OpenSea and enjoyed a highly successful presale. The protocol distributes a monthly prize pool of TAMA to the top-ranked players within the ecosystem and encourages active participation within the Tamaverse. 

However, with flat price action and many investors nervous that they hold another meme coin, Tamadoge investors have been investing profits in the more sustainable and long-term project Uniglo. 


Solana enjoyed a parabolic rally in 2021 and powered through the ranks. This layer one blockchain delivered scalability unseen by the crypto space thanks to its hybrid consensus mechanism. Theoretically capable of processing sixty-five thousand transactions per second, few blockchains can compete with Solana in raw speed. Early investors realized this, and these same investors now target Uniglo.  

Closing Thoughts 

Digital assets will heavily outperform traditional equities this decade, and investors can put themselves ahead of the majority. Uniglo addresses a significant pain point for crypto, likely what has attracted Tamadoge and Solana holders. As the supply shock looms, GLO flashes all the signals that it is ready for a significant breakout.

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Join Presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register  

Website: https://uniglo.io 

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