Uniglo.io tokens burn looks to challenge Big Eyes, Pancakeswap, and Solana


It’s no secret that the majority of successful projects in the cryptocurrency space have relied on private sales to raise their capital. 

While initial coin offerings (ICOs) have proven helpful in raising capital, they have also been used for dishonest gains. At the time of launch, the projects would distribute any remaining presale tokens to sell them at a higher price. The result is a dip in price, which cuts down investors’ earnings. 

Burning unsold presale tokens is one method an ICO may provide transparency and confidence to investors. This can show that the team isn’t just out for the money; they’re putting all the raised funds into the project and are sticking to the original tokenomic blueprint. 

A revolutionary asset-backed deflationary project Uniglo has recently announced destroying leftover presale tokens. The news has caused excitement among the community, as the massive burn will surge the listing price and greatly benefit early GLO backers. Uniglo’s intelligent burning technique can challenge Big Eyes, Pancakeswap, and Solana and compete for the top crypto 2022 spot.

Uniglo Overview

GLO’s inherent deflationary characteristics make it the perfect weapon against growing inflationary anxieties. Its unique dual-burn feature burns more tokens than any other project, ensuring that scarcity rises over time. This mechanism coexists with a complete asset-backed store of value in the GLO vault that safeguards its base price and shields it from market downturns.

Combining long-term value accumulation with a deflationary token strategy, Uniglo is poised to draw significant funding. The GLO team will burn unsold presale tokens on the launch, once again proving their commitment to giving $GLO a solid start.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes is an upcoming cat-themed meme coin operating on the Ethereum blockchain network. The project will offer a fully-integrated NFT club where token holders may participate in new and exciting NFT events. In addition, 5% of the project’s proceeds are donated to ocean maintenance organizations. 

As long as Big Eyes remains a fascinating and entertaining endeavor, it will rely exclusively on the community and speculations, with no backup mechanisms. This provides Uniglo, a project supported by diverse assets and burning mechanisms, with a tremendous edge and a prosperous outlook.


Pancakeswap, a BSC-based decentralized exchange, is a pioneering blockchain firm within the DeFi industry. PancakeSwap employs permissionless liquidity pools exclusively managed by algorithms. These algorithms enable PancakeSwap to operate autonomously, as it has its market makers. 

Using PancakeSwap, you can exchange BEP-20 tokens for rewards. You may also use your cryptocurrency to fund the pools in exchange for additional tokens.


Solana is an open-source project that implements a new, permissionless, high-performance blockchain. It utilizes smart contracts and provides an ecosystem of network-created apps. Solana claims to be capable of executing more than 50,000 transactions per second because of its robust computing infrastructure and lightning-fast transaction rates. 

Solana’s NFT marketplace has also risen in popularity due to its low transaction fees and extensive selection of NFTs. 

Multiple DeFi projects with a total worth of billions of dollars were built using the Solana network. Consequently, despite the recent fall in price, SOL will eventually see the sun again.

The Final Glance

Uniglo’s community has collectively decided to destroy the remaining presale tokens to become a dominant force in the decentralized financial sector. The move is seen as a threat to other cryptocurrencies, including the current market leaders, and has the potential to create a new standard for crypto ventures aiming to make a mark.

For More About Uniglo:

Join Presale: https://presale.uniglo.io/register

Website: https://uniglo.io

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