Uniglo.io Supply Burn Will Catapult the NFT-Backed DAO to a Higher Market Cap than STEPN and 1inch Network


If you want strength for your portfolio over the next few months, you might want to consider one of the hottest properties ever to exit pre-sale. That property is Uniglo, a token that’s already gaining momentum before its official launch later this month. With GLO, you get to enjoy the strongest fundamentals many experts have ever seen with a token that’s primed for the big time.

These fundamentals were recently improved when GLO’s incredible team of developers announced they would burn even more tokens upon launch, destroying every leftover coin. Experts believe this move could help Uniglo become the next giant of the crypto world, with a market cap that surges past other altcoin successes like STEPN and 1inch Network. Here’s why:

Uniglo rewards its community with increased supply burns

With Uniglo, the community is at the heart of everything the project does. It gives holders full DAO votes on every major decision, including which rare NFTs to buy for its revolutionary asset-backed store of value.

But GLO doesn’t just listen to its community of investors—it rewards them. With GLO’s remarkable burn schedule, existing holders will enjoy stable growth from a completely deflationary asset that becomes more scarce over time. GLO already has the strongest burn tokenomics built-in to its model, but the platform will also carry out an additional mega-burn on launch to destroy any leftover tokens. That means those who invested during pre-sale could be set up for even bigger price gains, and that’s why now is the time to act.

STEPN (GMT) market cap might be under threat

STEPN is an innovative fitness app that gives users crypto rewards for physical activity. It’s certainly a unique proposition, and one that could have big mainstream appeal. But prices have stagnated for most of the year and are still way down from all-time highs of around $4 in April. Experts think that much stronger tokens like Uniglo could soon surpass its position in the charts, so consider investing in it carefully.

1inch (1INCH) network improves functionality on Ethereum

The 1inch crypto aggregator recently extended the protocol’s Rocket Pool functionality on Ethereum, allowing users to mint or burn tokens directly via smart contracts. While this has provided more upside for investors, it hasn’t helped 1inch’s overall price much, which remains stable after big dips earlier this year. Experts think your money might be better placed into tokens like Uniglo.


1INCH and STEPN’s place in the altcoin charts could be under threat from big-mover GLO. Uniglo is still in its very early stages, but many analysts are hoping for big things from a token that has everything needed for success. Now’s the time to invest before it burns even more tokens during this month’s official launch.

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