Uniglo.io Launch On Uniswap On The Verge Of Exploding As Ultra Burn Kicks In


Uniglo is a social cryptocurrency, community-owned and backed by a set of real-world assets and cryptocurrency.

Uniglo Launch

After a successful launch, the GLO token ended up doubling in value. Tokens are being vested, and those that cannot see the long-term goals have sold out.

The price has flattened out, and RSI has begun reversing. Bullish divergence has begun forming and as the overall market begins gaining strength, this is likely a token to be seen on the leaderboards of DeFi charting sites.

Ultra Burn

The Uniglo Ultra Burn is a built-in burn function that continuously removes GLO from circulation. The decreasing supply, as the Glo Vault gains asset value, will cause a supply shock for buyers as the true value of GLO is realized. In addition to that, large-scale manual burns occur regularly, although unannounced by the team, so buyers cannot ‘game the system.’ This revolutionary deflation is something likely to be adopted by many new projects wishing to emulate the highly effective protocol.

Glo Vault

As mentioned above, the Glo Vault is what the project is all about. The vault accumulates assets through trading fees, and these are used to purchase a variety of tokenized assets, such as gold, watches, art, and many other real-world investments tokenized by reputable third-party platforms.

These assets have proven to be great investments long-term, with watches holding their value and in-demand high-end brands such as Rolex or Breitling commanding second-hand market values higher than new watches due to the extreme waiting lists.

Any profits made on these items between acquisition and sale will be distributed to GLO holders, and then assets reinvested for the next wave of profit.

Uniglo Future

With Uniglo community agreeing overwhelmingly to do a large manual burn recently, it shows a very cohesive attitude within the Glo Camp, something that is truly beneficial to the future of a project. Investors that are on board with a unified vision will always help to push a project to new heights, and with price action looking ready to bring a strong reversal, now would be a great time to hop in.

Learn more:

Website:  https://uniglo.io 

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