Uniglo.io Insane Burn Set To Launch GLO Into Headlines, Forget The Solana And FTX Troubles


The misdeeds and misfortune of Sam Bankman-Fried have caused a big headache for the entire cryptocurrency industry. News of the FTX exchange collapse rocked consumer confidence and shocked investors who trusted their money to the world’s second-biggest exchange. But fear not, every investment opportunity is succumbing to the plague that FTX has unleashed on the market: Uniglo continues to perform well. Read on to find out more.

Uniglo.io Bucking Market Trends

Uniglo is one of the most eagerly-awaited projects to launch on the Ethereum Network this year. It is experiencing a triumphant presale, with several sharp price hikes based on buyer demand and several whales weighing in. There is still time to grab your GLO at an attractive price point. However: Uniglo has announced that all remaining GLO leftovers from the presale will be burned! Users voted as a DAO on their first referendum, choosing en masse to burn the remaining supply. Analysts have since flagged the project as one to watch, seeing as typically large-scale burn events usually push up pricing. This is because the dramatic slashing of available tokens drives scarcity. Aggressive burn tokenomics is at the heart of the running of Uniglo with the Ultra-burn mechanic. Not only will a colossal quantity of GLO be burned on launch, but the token will be burned continuously once it is in circulation. A small percentage of each transaction will be sent to the Uni Abyss, never to be traded again. As a result, GLO will be fully deflationary as the pool of accessible currency shrinks ad infinitum in parallel with its own growth. This crafty system will ensure longevity and overall success for the project.

Woes for Solana and FTT

Solana found its prices sliding following news that FTX was holding large reserves of SOL. As the failed exchange is now in debt restructuring, it is more than likely that this currency will be sold off to repay users. By dumping this much SOL onto the market, the price will inevitably plummet – this is the opposite of burning! The fate of FTT is even worse: There is simply no use for a native token of an unusable exchange.  


Some projects are too strong to be pulled down by market disasters: Uniglo is one such protocol. Solid tokenomics, a compelling use case, and predicted price rises based on burn plans combine to make Uniglo an incredibly attractive prospect. Act now to take advantage of pricing before the impending spike.

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