Uniglo.io (GLO) Price Skyrockets Whilst Terra (LUNA), Luna Classic (LUNC) And Ethereum (ETH) See Massive Downside


While not every crypto has been performing strongly recently, it might surprise you to know that some have actually been thriving in the current bear market. This sets them up for even greater long-term success when we re-enter a bull run. Some experts think the next bull market could arrive much sooner than people initially thought. And even if it doesn’t, investing in the right cryptos could still bring big gains for your portfolio.

That’s why certain investors are deciding now is the time to buy the dip and move their holdings into credible projects that have tons of long-term upsides. Thinking more long-term is key during the current investment climate. You might not make overnight riches, but if you’re prepared to focus on long-term gains and forget about hourly charts, you could be setting your portfolio up for sustainable growth further down the line.

Uniglo (GLO)

GLO is one of the best new tokens the space has seen in a long time and is still available at unbeatable prices during pre-sale. It’s got strong deflationary tactics that sit alongside a community-driven approach that both rewards and values its holders. With GLO, the future could be massive, and it has already enjoyed recent price growth that you can be a part of if you invest soon.

Terra (LUNA)

Luna is a newly launched blockchain that split from the old platform, which is now called Luna Classic (see below). Luna has some key differences compared to its older coin, including having a fixed supply with no new tokens being minted, alongside not having a stablecoin pair as LUNC has. Both have key opportunities for the future of crypto, even if they have been struggling recently.

Luna Classic (LUNC)

Luna Classic is the old Luna blockchain and comes with a UST stablecoin pair. For people who preferred the old LUNA technology and fundamentals, it is still a viable option for investment and could still have a strong future. 

Ethereum (ETH)

With the merge to ETh 2.0 having recently taken place, the market is hoping for improved fortunes for the biggest blockchain development platform in the world. With fasters speeds and lower fees, there could be renewed hope that ETH will recover from previous losses and continues to thrive further into the future. There’s still tons of long-term potential for Ethereum, despite recent struggles, so it could be one you should consider for your portfolio seriously.


ETH, LUNA, and LUNC might have been struggling recently, but experts think they still have investment upsides. But those upsides might not be as strong as with GLO right now, which is why you should consider that the best option for future gains.

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