Uniglo.io Finds Early Adoption By Big Eyes And Dash2Trade Investors, Biggest Presales Of 2022?


While the current crypto climate might be somewhat offputting to new investors: it’s actually a unique period with tons of potential for future gains. That’s because three highly-anticipated presales are currently underway, each of which offers huge potential for early investors. It’s often hard to find one good crypto presale, but investors can currently take their pick of three hot projects that could be the future of crypto.

These presales allow you to invest before much of the wider market has caught on. Unfortunately, many investors need to be faster to act and will only put money into projects listed on mainstream exchanges. But these investors need to take advantage of a huge opportunity: the chance to invest at lower prices before gains that could revolutionalize their finances. And early analysis suggests Uniglo leads the way in the presale pack, outpacing other credible projects like EYES and Dash2Trade. Here’s why:

Uniglo (GLO) could be the best presale ever

Uniglo has already started gaining momentum in a big way, and many experts claim that it’s the best presale ever to hit the crypto market. If you missed your chance to invest in the likes of BTC and SHIB before their stratospheric gains, you’ve now got the perfect chance to add GLO to your portfolio and watch it grow. Grow in a big way. And there are only a few days left to make the most of incredible presale prices before it officially launches. When it does, many experts are predicting the sky could be the limit, so you don’t want to miss out. It’s already listed as one of the next crypto tokens that’s ready to explode, so strap yourself in and be a part of that explosion to the top.

Big Eyes (EYES) still showing strong potential in presale

One of the best things about Big Eyes is how it brings an incredibly friendly, entertaining, and unique ethos to an industry that has arguably sometimes been boring. It’s got real meme coin potential, alongside an outlook that gives money to charity and has many other compelling features. However, early investors have also started to move their funds over to GLO, as they see a much stronger ROI potential for the next few months with that token.

Dash2Trade helps introduce next-level investment analytics

Dash2Trade is launching investment research tools into the next generation with its range of social analytics and data analysis solutions. These give crypto investors the same tools traditional fiat investors have enjoyed for some time and could be a massive part of the growth of the DeFi investment industry. It’s already been a successful presale period for Dash2Trade, with $500,000 raised in the first 24 hours. But some early investors are also starting to look over GLO and prefer what they see with that presale.


Dash2Trade, Big Eyes, and Uniglo are the best presales the crypto space has ever seen. But GLO leads that way and is currently experiencing increased investment from all corners of the crypto world. So there are only a few days left to pick it up if you want to enjoy huge gains on the official launch day.

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