Uniglo (GLO) Unlike Bitcoin (BTC) Or Ethereum (ETH) Due To Having Digitized Real Asset Backing For Growth


The bear market has been long and cruel. But, there is hope for crypto investors still in the space and actively investing because the bear market cannot last forever. There is an intense debate in the sphere if the current rally is a bear market relief rally or a genuine rally, and the market is waiting to see the CPI (Consumer Price Index) report for July. If the extensive actions of the FED have curbed inflation, markets will likely rally; if inflation continues to climb, it will hint that America could be headed into a lengthy period of stagflation.

But innovation never stops regardless of market conditions; innovation is counter-cyclical, increasing in times of negative market sentiment. Developers have been busy building, and a new project in its presale promises the return to value backing. Uniglo (GLO) has the first mover advantage and distinguishes itself from leading projects like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) by having tangible assets backing its value.

Uniglo (GLO)- The Digital Gold Standard

Uniglo is the third option for investors: fiat loses value each year with inflation, and digital assets experience extreme volatility. Uniglo is leveraging asset ownership to create a token that grows over time, thereby preserving the actual purchasing power of investors’ capital. Uniglo features buy and sell taxes to fund its treasury, and the treasury purchases a blend of assets, including digital, real-world, and NFTs.

Housing these assets in the Uniglo Vault gives GLO an inherent price, backed by the value of the Vault’s contents. These assets will also appreciate over time, meaning GLO’s value also appreciates over time. Uniglo will allow ordinary investors access to high-end goods, which have proved to be an excellent store of value in recent years. Uniglo is the solution to preservation and speculation contained within one token.

Bitcoin (BTC)- The Store of Value

Bitcoin was the first peer-to-peer currency that allowed trustless transfers of value. Bitcoin is the leading asset by market cap and will likely retain this position for decades. Bitcoin’s popularity is driven by its store of value. Bitcoin is dreadful over short periods suffering extreme volatility, but over the long term is a brilliant store of value. Bitcoin has consistently climbed in value since its inception in 2009.

BTC trades at $23,000 and has ricocheted between $22,000 and $24,000 for the past week. Investors are anxious to see it move out of this pattern, but neither the bulls nor the bears can get the upper hand.

Ethereum (ETH)- The Home of DeFi

Ethereum was launched in 2015 and stewarded by Vitalik Buterin. This project has done more than most to change the digital asset landscape. Ranking second by market cap, this token should be in every investor’s portfolio and is a ‘blue chip’ crypto project.

ETH trades at $1,700, with the Merge causing ETH issuance (no more rewards for ETH miners after the transition to Proof of Stake) to drop more than 90% and a large percentage of gas fees being burnt. ETH will become a deflationary token, and basic laws of supply and demand dictate that its price will rise.

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