Uniglo (GLO), FraxShare (FXS), and Evmos (EVMOS) Likely to Lead The Bull Brigade by End of 2022


The cryptocurrency market has been in the red zone for quite some time now, leaving investors hoping and waiting for the next bullish wave. But according to analysts, a bull brigade could finally be coming together to turn things around for the market before the year ends. The three cryptos that are likely to lead the charge are Uniglo (GLO), FraxShare (FXS), and Evmos (EVMOS).

Uniglo (GLO)

The first crypto that could lead the bull brigade is Uniglo, which is a new decentralized finance (DeFi) project designed to have strong asset backing. The Uniglo project is built on Ethereum, and it will create its first liquidity pool on Uniswap.

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The project is still in the midst of its presale. It started pre-selling last July 15. It is currently in the second phase of presale and is scheduled to be publicly launched on October 18. Many investors are keen to become part of the Uniglo community because of the strong growth potential of its native token GLO. The token is set to make gains from asset appreciation as well as from an idiosyncratic Ultra-Burn feature.

FraxShare (FXS)

Next, we have FraxShare (FXS). Similar to Uniglo, the FraxShare project introduces a new concept to the DeFi space. It is a dual-token lending platform with a stablecoin at the same time “crypto native consumer price index.” This means that the project is partly collateralized and partly stabilized with the help of an algorithm. FXS is a token that is non-collateralized and volatile. As of this writing, FXS was trading at $5.97.

Evmos (EVMOS)

The third crypto leading the bull brigade by the end of the year is Evmos. The Evmos project builds a connection between the Cosmos ecosystem and the applications/assets on Ethereum. It is a flagship project of the Ethermint project which has been doing fairly well, as the need for inter-blockchain interoperability increases.

Final thought

Before the next bullish wave takes the cryptocurrency market to the end of 2022, investors might want to know more about the background and future potential of the three projects above. As Uniglo is the most recent addition to the market, it additionally presents opportunities for gain once it launches in the fourth quarter of the year. Visit the Uniglo live presale to know more about your investment opportunities.

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