Using Artificial Intelligence to Combat Unconscious Bias in Hiring

unconscious bias in hiring

When many people talk about artificial intelligence, they typically consider it as science fiction or something that isn’t happening yet. Artificial intelligence is definitely real, and it could just be the perfect tool to increase diversity and inclusion in the private sector to prevent unconscious bias in hiring.

The majority of resume recruiting now is done in seven seconds. Typically a recruiter looks at your name, demographics, and the first job you have listed. That is it. So it is no wonder that significant bias against minorities are committed in that short instance. When evaluating a person in that little amount of time we rely on our inherent biases.

AI could be the solution to canceling out human error if practiced correctly. By allowing a software to evaluate applicants it can utilize those seven seconds far beyond the capabilities of a human. AI has the ability to be able to find the 100% perfect fit for both the applicant and the employer on the basis of categorical variables such as morals and personality traits.

However, AI can only do as much good as we as humans give it. If we continue to take biased samples then we will continue to get biased results. Exclusionary terms such as age, race, and gender can all impact the decision that AI gives to its human master. If we as a society can change the way we acquire data and turn it into a non-biased data format, we have an increased chance at being able to overcome our non-diverse society. AI could be the solution to increasing diversity in fields like business, where many roles should and need to be filled with inclusive candidates.

Exclusion should not be a choice that employers get to make based on their inability to effectively recruit. Employing these data techniques we help stop these unjust practices.

Embracing Diversity in Hiring

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