UMI Cryptocurrency Ambassador Andrey Amris Ponomarenko: Blockchain New Possibilities

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Andrey Amris Ponomarenko and the Ambassador of the Innovative Blockchain Ecosystem UMI: Exploring New Possibilities

Today, we live in the era of digital technologies, where the boundaries between different fields are becoming increasingly blurred. Music and blockchain, seemingly two opposite areas, are now starting to converge. Andrey Amris Ponomarenko, a respected ethno-musician and master of various instruments and practices, could become a part of this new intersection of innovations thanks to the proposal from the ambassador of the innovative blockchain ecosystem UMI to use the platform for creating and selling digital assets.

 UMI Cryptocurrency Ambassador: Distinguishing Features

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UMI is not just a cryptocurrency. It’s much more. Being a universal monetary tool, UMI offers not only instant, secure, and free financial transfers but also unique opportunities for using digital assets.

It’s important to note that UMI is also a full-fledged blockchain ecosystem capable of executing smart contracts of any complexity, making it an ideal platform for the development and implementation of innovative projects in various industries.

The Encounter of Andrey Amris and UMI

The ambassador of the innovative UMI blockchain ecosystem has offered Andrey Amris Ponomarenko, as well as other creative individuals, the benefits of blockchain technology for publishing and selling their works. Specifically, this involves creating and selling digital assets in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

NFTs are unique digital assets that can be attached to absolutely any object – musical composition, image, video, and so on. This is a new way of representing art in the digital world, and the UMI blockchain provides the perfect platform for this.

Publishing their works as NFTs gives musicians like Andrey Amris Ponomarenko incredible advantages. They gain full control over their creations and the ability to earn income directly from their fans without intermediaries.


In the digital age, blockchain technologies are increasingly being integrated into various sectors of life. Music and art are no exception. Andrey Amris, along with the ambassador of the innovative UMI blockchain ecosystem, could become a part of this digital innovation, opening new horizons for his creativity and his fans.

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