UK Exchange DSX Sends out odd Account Verification SMS


It is not uncommon for criminals to target crypto exchanges. In the case of DSX, it appears that a potential phishing attempt has taken place.

There are hundreds of crypto trading platforms on the market today.

Strange DSX SMS Raises Questions

Most of them rely on two-factor authentication via SMS.

It is a convenient solution, but one that is also prone to hacking and abuse.

One Reddit user displays how he has received a potential phishing SMS from DSX. 

It asks the user to verify his account as quickly as possible.

That message may be innocent, although it remains unclear why it was sent.

More often than not, such a message is only received if one’s account has strange activity.

For this user, it is unclear if that is the case.

The account has seemingly not been accessed since late October of 2019. 

Moreover, it would appear that DSX has recently undergone a major system upgrade.

That may indicate that the platform has had some data exposed to culprits.

It is equally possible that the site was temporarily taken over by users collecting login information.

Until DSX offers an actual explanation, it remains unclear what has taken place. 

It does not appear as if anyone has lost money, which is positive news.

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