During the past couple of months, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been taking a keen interest in the nation’s digital currency market. According to recent reports, the Atlanta Regional Office of the SEC will hold an investor conference on the 13th of June, at Georgia State University.

Q&A On Digital Currencies

The conference, entitled ‘Investing in America’ will thoroughly address digital currencies and Initial Coin Offerings amongst other topics. The break-out session reserved for the crypto market will allow attendees to carry out informal discussions on crypto-related topics with SEC leaders.

As per the official agenda, questions regarding future crypto regulations, taxes, risks, and other pertinent topics will also be answered.

During the conference announcement, officials from the SEC noted that:

“All five SEC Commissioners are coming to Atlanta to meet with you: young people, the military, urban and rural, those saving for retirement, and seniors.” 

An interesting aspect is that the main session of the conference will feature the Chairman of the SEC, Jay Clayton, alongside several commissioners. Debate topics include niche’ domains such as ETFs, cryptocurrencies, information protection, fintech, mutual funds and more.

The event is especially relevant to the digital currency community in the United States as the SEC is presently carrying out various efforts to combat ICO fraud. In fact, chairman Clayton recently applauded regulator efforts in Canada and the U.S. meant to reduce risks associated with ICOs.

Most of the comments were addressed to the NASAA which recently started its crypto-sweep event aimed at shutting down illegal ICOs and non-compliant crypto investment platforms.

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