Types of bonuses offered by online casinos

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If we look at the bonus offers of online casinos, we can see that in most cases they are very generous. Of course, this is great news for us players, but why are online casinos giving away so much money and free spins for free?

The answer is simple. It’s all about competition. The number of online casinos is constantly growing and it’s getting harder and harder to attract new players. So casinos are competing with each other to see who will offer the most lucrative bonus.

We, as players, only have to enjoy the current trend and take advantage of the most lucrative casino offers.

There are quite a few types of bonuses. It can be difficult for a newcomer, and sometimes even for an experienced player, to figure them out.

Welcome bonus

This is the very first and most important casino bonus a new player receives. The amount of this bonus can be very, very large.

The welcome bonus can be divided into two categories:

  • no deposit bonus
  • deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses

This sort of welcome bonus is pretty uncommon. Such casino bonuses are credited to the player’s account at once after the registration of a gaming account for real money. No deposit bonuses, despite the fact that beneficial, but nearly by no means huge.

You can not without delay withdraw the quantity of the online casino bonus from the on line casino. To accomplish that, certain situations should be met. Typically, it involves a positive wide variety or conversion of the overall quantity that needs to be committed.

Therefore, earlier than taking a no deposit bonus, it is useful to read the phrases and situations of the bonus cautiously. They can vary significantly from online casino to online casino.

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses in one form or another are likely to be found at all online casinos. At least in all reputable companies. To get it, you must necessarily deposit a sum of money into your gaming account. Typically, casinos set a minimum deposit amount required to activate the bonus.

The bonus is calculated in a certain percentage of the deposit, but its maximum amount is fixed.

Typically, the bonus is calculated at least 100 percent of the amount of the first deposit. But sometimes it can be 200 or 500 percent. Some casinos also add free spins to the amount.

Then you have to wager the first deposit bonus.

Percentage deposit.

This bonus is already designed for regular casino customers. While this bonus is not as big as no deposit bonuses, the casino still offers a percentage of their deposits for credit. If the casino offers a 50% bonus and you deposit €100, the casino will add another €50 to your bankroll.

Loyalty Bonus.

Most online casinos offer loyalty clubs and VIP programs that reward players every time they wager. Usually you automatically sign up and earn points as you progress through the VIP tiers depending on how much money you have deposited at a particular casino.


A cashback bonus basically gives players back a portion of their play money. The money will be given back to players who lose during gaming sessions. Casino deposit bonuses are great, but if you love to gamble and want to extend your playing time, a cashback bonus is best . Here’s how it works: if you lose €500, you get €100 back if you had a 20% cashback bonus.

Referral bonuses.

Some online casinos offer a referral bonus that you can use by successfully inviting your friends to play online. Every time you invite a friend and they sign up with your personal code and then make their first deposit at the casino, you get a free bonus.

Monthly, weekly and weekend bonuses

Recurring bonuses can be given monthly, weekly, on weekends or on the eve of a holiday, for example. Their availability is determined by the capabilities and promotion strategy of each individual casino. The basis for calculating such bonuses are also very different.

Payment method Bonus

When choosing a deposit method for your online casino account, make sure that none of them are promoted by collecting bonuses. This practice is common in many casinos.

Usually casinos take this step after entering into a special discount agreement with the payment system. So the result is a win-win situation not only for you, but also for the casino operator.

Bonuses for high rollers

Of course, casinos can’t ignore highrollers – players with high stakes. As a rule, there are separate deposit bonuses for them, unavailable to other casino visitors. Their differences usually lie in a significantly increased maximum bonus.


As we can see, there are many types of bonuses. When choosing a casino, read carefully not only the sign-up bonus, but also the entire casino bonus policy.

Remember that bonuses are not given out for nothing, and each bonus has certain wagering and usage requirements. Before agreeing to a specific bonus, it is better to read the terms and conditions.

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