Turbulence in NFT Space Sees DeGods Shakeup; Investors Eye This Meme Project Launch with Grand Potential


The non-fungible token (NFT) space is experiencing a period of turbulence involving the famous NFT Collection, DeGods. The DeGods platform is making significant changes toward a complete shakeup of its design and NFT style. Amidst DeGods’ revamp, the decentralized finance (DeFi) space is anticipating the official launch of DigiToads (TOADS), a progressive meme project with the potential to become a leading cryptocurrency and accrue multiple profits for investors.

DigiToads’ innovation and diverse reward approaches are actualizing its potential to surpass top crypto coins, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE). Investors are increasingly eyeing DigiToads’ highly probable revolutionary growth in preparation for its launch. The mainstream attention and mass adoption DigiToads is receiving is thanks to the incorporation of the best DeFi play-to-earn (P2E) game, its implementation of a deflationary token model, and the success of its recently-ended presale.

Let’s explore the turbulence in the NFT space involving DeGods’ shakeup as investors eye DigiToads, the meme project with grand potential.

DigiToads (TOADS) is Attracting Numerous Investors with Its Immense Profit and Growth Potential

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DigiToads is attracting numerous investors and expanding its active community with a high-profit potential to maximize investments and immense growth potential for investors to make profits regardless of the crypto market’s bear runs, nuclear winters, and overall volatility. These remarkable potentials are due to the deflationary model of its native TOADS meme coin and its inclusion of the best DeFi features that provide long-term rewards to its token holders. With the TOADS coin set to launch at $0.055, DigiToads guarantees a 450% return on investment (ROI) after raising over $7 million in funding and selling nearly 386 million TOADS tokens.

The DigiToads presale’s impressive performance can be attributed to the project’s profitable tokenomics. DigiToads implements a deflationary model on the TOADS token that reduces the token’s circulating supply over time by burning it. This scarcity factor creates a sense of rarity, exclusivity, and potential value appreciation for the TOADS meme token, affirming the project’s high profit and growth potential.

DigiToads has set itself apart in the meme coin community by including a popular NFT marketplace that comprises 3500 distinctive NFTs available for minting, an NFT staking pool, and trading contests for TOADS holders to earn rewards and passive income. From August 21, 2023, owners of DigiToads NFTs can stake their NFTs to increase their potential earnings in TOADS coins. They can also receive additional rewards from the DigiToads Tax Treasury when they stake multiple NFTs simultaneously.

The DigiToads ecosystem combines innovation and unique functionality to exhibit the TOADS coin’s potential to outperform top crypto coins. It has a P2E game where users can obtain, nurture, and battle with unique digital amphibian characters called DigiToads. The TOADS meme coin is the in-game currency players can use to purchase advanced skills and customizable traits for the DigiToads characters. Players who top the game’s global leaderboard receive incentives for their outstanding gameplay.

DeGods is Sparking Intrigue and Skepticism Among Investors Regarding Its Revamp Plans

On August 14, 2023, the popular NFT collection, DeGods, unveiled its plans to release a Season 3 version of the platform, which aims towards revamping the project’s design and reducing the serious persona of its NFTs. By enforcing this strategy, DeGods is participating in the recent trend whereby the best NFT crypto platforms simplify their logos and restructure their goals to increase worldwide recognition. The announcement sparked intrigue and skepticism within the NFT community, as several investors and crypto analysts released subjective views on the platform’s revamp.

DeGods has noted that the focal point of the Season 3 version is simplicity. The new DeGods NFTs have minimalistic designs, as the platform appears to abandon shadow effects and embrace the subtle highlight tones of the NFT character. Vintage comic illustrators and renowned artists such as Hiroshi Nagai and Roy Lichtenstein influenced this minimalist approach. DeGods has introduced a tool feature with which members of the NFT community can participate in the creative process. The feature will be exclusive to DeGods NFT holders, allowing them to experiment with thousands of Midjourney prompts and customize the traits of their DeGods NFTs freely.

Final Thoughts

The NFT space is undergoing a transformative phase marked by the shakeup of one of the best NFT crypto projects, DeGods. Its plans to release an updated version of its platform and make its NFTs look fun have piqued the interest of investors eagerly observing the unfolding changes. Conversely, DigiToads is garnering mainstream investor attention for its grand profit and growth potential to maximize investments with a 450% ROI and ensure investor safety irrespective of market volatility. With a deflationary token model, a rewarding P2E game, and an impressive presale turnout, DigiToads is poised to revolutionize the crypto and NFT spaces.

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