TrustKeys Network Launches Staking Program as part of its Upcoming Roadmap

Cryptomode TrustKeys Staking Airdrop

TrustKeys Network has announced the official debut of a staking system for its native token holders as part of its planned strategy. According to the release, TRUSTK investors will be able to take part in the initiative beginning November 15, 2021, with a range of possibilities open including yearly percentage yields (APY) as high as 48%.

However, only participants with the required number of TRUSTK tokens will be allowed to participate in the initiative, as per the announcement. Starting from the specified date, holders of between 1000 and 50,000 TRUSTK tokens will have express access to the staking program.

Staking is a term that you are almost certainly familiar with. Staking can have various meanings depending on whether you are a prospective node operator or simply a token holder. Staking is a process by which users may earn additional rewards by locking their tokens into a wallet. A node operator must deposit tokens in order to gain the right to mine and get mining rewards. Staking for a token holder entails depositing funds into a wallet and getting rewarded for voting for network operators.

Airdrop for TrustKeys Token Holders is Live!

According to other sources, TrustKeys has verified that TRUSTK holders will profit from its airdrop plan based on the amount of TRUSTK tokens in their spot wallets. Each month, from day 10 through day 15, the wallet snapshots will be taken. The greater the number of tokens held, the more airdrops you’ll receive.

The staking program is designed to increase the value of the token, whereas the airdrop campaign is intended to reward holders for their dedication to the blockchain ecosystem.

The TrustKeys Network is a blockchain ecosystem that includes a decentralized identity social network, cryptocurrency exchange, and digital asset storage wallet. The project was established to offer the cryptocurrency community a blockchain app that meets its social and investing needs. Users may invest, store assets, and communicate securely using the app’s tools as a result.

The project also has plans to bootstrap the ecosystem with additional products and applications, such as a launching pad where IDOs may be launched, a lending and borrowing platform, staking functionality, and an NFT market. A number of other possibilities for the future include an on-chain data aggregation platform to aid users to update market data, a derivatives market, toolkit and utilities for decentralized finance, support for P2P trading within TrustKeys exchange, and decentralized exchange for the ecosystem.

About TrustKeys

The TrustKeys Network is seeking to address this problem with a CryptoNoCurrency SuperApp (No=Not Only) that may offer cryptocurrency storage and trading, as well as other genuine applications of blockchain technology. According to their website, the goal of the team is to provide a comprehensive crypto ecosystem, which includes a non-custodial wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange, and a blockchain-style network with an end-to-end encrypted Messenger with a decentralized account model (DAM).

TrustKeys is a project developed by TKBlockchain Company, a blockchain firm located in the British Virgin Islands, UK. TrustKeys is intended to be a super application (wallet, exchange, and social network) that can fulfill the complex requirements of the expanding cryptocurrency community. The TRUSTK token has a big role in the ecosystem for transaction fees, developer rewards, listing fees, governance, and other activities.

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