True Peer-to-peer Cross-Chain Bridge Orion Bridge Will Launch On January 31


The Orion Bridge is launching soon and will, per the team, be the only cross-chain bridge crypto enthusiasts ever need. It is a peer-to-peer atomic swap bridge with no limits, delays, exploits, and so forth. The launch marks an important milestone for the Orion Terminal, letting users aggregator cross-chain and cross-exchange liquidity. 

The Potential of Orion Bridge

Bridging the gap between different blockchains is crucial for unlocking an interoperable world. There is tremendous liquidity locked in siloed blockchains, yet no one cracked the code of solving this issue. The Orion bridge may prove a different creature, as it helps unlock value transfers across various networks without the many potential downsides, including exploits, delays, and limits.

Through Orion Bridge – launching on January 31, 2022 – users can trade popular ERC20 assets without spending an arm or leg on Ethereum fees. Instead, they will tap into the Binance Smart Chain, which offers better speed and lower costs. Orion Bridge will support other chains to enhance the reduction of fees and increasing speed, asset availability, etc. 

Moreover, anyone can provide liquidity for any asset on support chains through the ongoing expansion of Orion’s broker network. Providing liquidity enhances the appeal and operations of the Bridge will also help establish the chain-agnostic gateway to the broader crypto industry. It is also worth noting Orion Bridge will be accessible through the Orion Terminal backend, marking another crucial milestone for the Orion Protocol.

The proprietary peer-to-peer atomic swap technology provides immediate settlement for withdrawing and depositing. That is different from other multi-chain bridges, which require minutes, if not hours, to finalize a settlement. Orion Bridge shows that the process can be much faster than most people anticipate, providing broader accessibility and better market opportunities. 

Cutting Out Validators

Providing top-notch security is essential when exchanging value, particularly when multiple networks are involved. The traditional approach is to introduce validators, yet Orion Bridge will have none of that. Instead, Orion wants to provide a fully decentralized environment to remove any centralization and associated vulnerabilities from the equation. 

Peer-to-peer technology is the only viable option to achieve that goal. Users will exchange assets with other individual parties directly. Orion Bridge users swap with only one counterparty, the brokers who are part of the ecosystem. That approach also foregoes wrapped tokens, making the entire trading process more direct and beneficial. 

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