Ambitious projects are not difficult to come by in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. TRON is one such venture that aims to decentralize the internet and through its acquisition of BitTorrent Inc, the firm is doing just that.

A Worrisome Sign for TRON?

Acquiring a major company such as BitTorrent Inc. serves many different purposes. For TRON, its mission to decentralize the internet will take many years of hard work. However, it now seems as though the company’s plans will not go through without a hitch, as various employees are leaving the firm ever since TRON founder Justin Sun acquired Bitconnect a month back.

It is not uncommon for personnel to leave an organization that has been recently acquired. In the case of BitTorrent, however, it seems a lot of employees are concerned about the latest change of ownership.  

Of the five employees leaving the company, two of them have been officially “let go”. Considering how these staffers were filling management positions, this latest move seems to indicate that there is a clash of vision going on amongst company officials and the new owners.

‘Some company employees have even voiced their concerns over the “elected nodes” approach taken by TRON.’

With that being said, none of these developments seem to indicate that there is any real short-term concern to worry about. Any acquisition will lead to some reshuffling of management personnel. For TRON, it will be interesting to see how many BitTorrent employees it can retain. 

Final Thoughts

Developments like these go to show there is still a long way to go until cryptocurrency projects can gain any legitimate traction. Two months after acquiring BitTorrent, the first cracks are already appearing. More departures are looming on the horizon, although various staffers are unable to do so due to lock-in agreements. 

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