Tron Surpasses 9.1 Million Accounts and 1.7 Billion Transactions

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Comparing the different cryptocurrency ecosystems often serves no real purpose. However, their overall network statistics are certainly worth exploring. Tron has noted immense growth over the past year or so, indicating the network is in a very good place right now.

Tron Account Growth is Spectacular

It is pertinent for any cryptocurrency to gain users quickly and consistently. That first part is often the easier route, but remaining relevant is something else entirely. In the case of Tron, the initial interest seemed to be rather small, but things have certainly picked up steam ever since.

Especially in mid-2019, and since May of 2020, things have risen to an entirely new level. Very promising statistics overall, and it will be interesting to see where things head next. 

Looking at the details, the number of total and daily new accounts is adding up quickly. More specifically, the total accounts have risen to over 9.15 million. A very impressive rate of growth, especially when considering how many competing ecosystems there are today.

A lot of this recent growth has been fueled by the overall rise of daily new accounts. Several spikes have been recorded in the past few weeks. Adding up to 100,000 new Tron accounts per day is not unusual these days.

Explaining this surge in growth is not easy. While Tron is building up its DeFi ecosystem, there are other things at play too. Captivating a bigger audience can be done in many different ways, including community efforts.

Spreading the word about Tron has been attempted through a mobile application, as well as other solutions. So far, it seems that these efforts are paying off. Sustaining the rate of growth will be interesting and difficult, but it is something that needs to be pursued at all times. 

Nearly 1.2 Billion Tron Transactions

As the user base grows, it is only normal to see more transactions take place. For Tron, the growth in this department has proven rather spectacularly as well. Not entirely surprising, as part of this growth is fueled by USDT activity on the blockchain. Having the support of Tether will not only allow Tron to keep growing, but do the same for its native DeFi ecosystem as well. 

As of right now, there are over 1.171 billion transactions on the network. A very respectable number, all things considered, It will be a matter of time until the 1.2 billion threshold is reached. Looking at it from an overall activity point of view, the uptrend has proven to be quite steep. That can make it more difficult to sustain, but nothing is impossible in the cryptocurrency world either. 

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