TRON Price Shows Signs of an Impending Rebound


Albeit there isn’t much to get excited about in the cryptocurrency industry today, it all depends on one’s perspective. The Tron value is surging pretty nicely, primarily because a few more pieces of the puzzle have come together over the past few days. This shows the prominent altcoins can thrive regardless of what Bitcoin is doing.

TRON Price Shows Small Gains

It has been a very rough day for all cryptocurrencies. Major coins lost a lot of value, especially because Bitcoin is still in the red right now. Even so, there are some exceptions to be noted in this regard. TRON, one of the more popular altcoins on the market today, is noting an interesting trend at this time.

To put this in perspective, the TRX value is rising by roughly 3% over the past few hours. It is not a major increase by any means, but there are coins which are far worse off at this time. It will be interesting to see how things evolve for TRX in this regard, but the uptrend in the BTC department should keep things going, for now.

Justin Sun made a very interesting announcement this week. Not only is the TRON Virtual Machine live, but Peiwo is close to finalizing the integration of TRX. This should lead to some interesting developments along the way, even though it might not necessarily impact the price in any real way. More exposure for TRON is a good thing, though.

Furthermore, it would appear TRON is forging a partnership with a Chinese IT Giant. Although details are still rather vague at this point, there is a strong indication their partner of choice is Baidu. The IT giant has shown a keen interest in blockchain technology for some time now. As such, it makes sense to explore all opportunities within this particular ecosystem.

Although there was some speculation as to who this partner would be, the end result is all that matters. As Daddy War Bucks aptly points out, the partnerships will get more TRX into the hands of holders, rather than speculators. How this will impact the long-term price, is anybody’s guess, but the partnership with Baidu can prove to be a very big deal.

For now, it is still far too early to speak of a TRON price recovery. This current 3% gain is not sufficient to warrant bullish expectations just yet, primarily because Bitcoin can drag every altcoin with it in a span of hours. This upcoming weekend will be quite telling in this regard, as anything is possible.

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