TRON Price Gains 7% While Other Markets Struggle for Traction

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It is evident the current cryptocurrency market momentum can have all kinds of long-term consequences. A healthy bounce would be more than appreciated at this stage, although it remains to be seen what the future holds in this regard. For TRON, the current trend has turned rather bullish all of a sudden, which could hint at further steep gains.

TRON Price is on Fire

Although one would expect most cryptocurrencies to note small gains or small losses, TRON shows things can be done very differently The popular altcoin has gained over 7% in value during the past few hours, which pushes its USD value over the $0.023 mark once again. That is a rather positive sign for speculators and long-term holders, albeit this uptrend may not last all that long.

This current price increase comes courtesy of a strong gain over Bitcoin. A 5.9% change in favor of the altcoin shows the TRON momentum is far from dead. The current trading volume doesn’t look half bad either, albeit $142m might not be sufficient to keep this momentum in place.

Explaining this TRON price rise is always difficult first and foremost. The current wave of news and developments paints an interesting future. One of the more interesting developments comes in the form of TRON’s role in the world of blockchain games. Magic Academy is the first of its kind to run on the TRON blockchain, which will attract a fair bit of attention.

Behind the scenes, the TRON Foundation ha snot been resting on its laurels either. A new documentation website for developers has been launched. This makes it a lot easier for aspiring coders to build new applications and solutions on top of this blockchain, should they so desire. Making this project more accessible is always a big step in the right direction.

Last but not least, TRX can now be traded on the BitBay exchange. More and more trading platforms pay attention to TRON these days, which shows the overall liquidity might continue to improve accordingly. At the same time, it remains to be seen which currencies can be traded for TRX, and whether or not fiat currency trading will be added at a later stage.

Whether or not there will be further TRON price gains, is a different matter altogether. This current uptrend seems to warrant a small correction already, albeit the trading volume is high enough to extend the positive trend a bit longer. Remaining above $0.023 is a big challenge, as it will mainly depend on what happens to Bitcoin over the coming hours.

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