TRON Dominates the dApp Transacton Volume, Hive has the Most Transactions

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The dApp ecosystem is constantly changing and evolving. Various blockchains can accommodate the building of such applications. TRON has been generating a ton of transaction volume lately, despite having only the fourth highest number of active users. 

Ethereum Maintains the Most dApp Users

No one will be really surprised to learn that Ethereum remains the most popular blockchain in terms of dApp users. It has always been the biggest ecosystem in terms of different projects, allowing it to attract tens of thousands of daily active users. 

More specifically, Ethereum currently notes 43.520 daily active users on average. This is well ahead of TRON – with 16,420 users – and EOS with 11,330 users. No other ecosystem comes even close to these figures. Surprising, given how Klaytn, Hive, and ICON are all doing rather well in their own way. 

Hive has the Most Transactions

Ever since forking from Steem, the Hive blockchain has become of great interest to content creators. That is only normal, as being able to earn money by doing what one usually does is a very appealing concept.  It also appears that Hive is far more popular than Steem, even though it has less than half of the dApps available to users. Quantity and quality are two very different things, after all. 

To further illustrate the growth of Hive, it is important to look at the transactions over the past 24 hours. Hive leaves all other projects in the dust, although its lead over EOS is not as steep compared to some other dApp ecosystems.With 956,130 daily transactions, Hive is certainly the most active ecosystem in this regard.

TRON Notes the Highest Volume

Perhaps the most interesting statistic is how TRON’s dApp ecosystem notes the highest transaction volume of them all. With over 75.43m in overall daily volume, it is evident that the TRON dApps are attracting a lot of attention. Considering how the top dApp is responsible for over $6.8m in 7-day volume, there certainly appears to be a genuine interest.

Looking over the other dApps bringing in a lot of volume, the high-risk high-yield options remain ever popular. MoonHives, TRON Profits, AlphaTron, and BeeHive Fast are just some examples. Overall, TRON has a diversified ecosystem, although projects focusing on high returns will often tend to fare a lot better. This is the case on all blockchains providing access to dApps, even in 2020.

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