TRON Allegedly Receives a $2 Million Coronavirus Relief Grant From the US Government

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The TRON ecosystem has received a lot of negative attention over the past few months. Following a new grant by the US government, that situation is unlikely to change. 

This entire story almost sounds too weird to be true.

TRON Doesn’t Need Government Funds

TRON has recently made several acquisitions, including BitTorrent, and obtained a stake in the Poloniex exchange.

Even so, the platform’s owners decided to file for small business relief from the US government.

Making matters even more interesting is how this request was granted, even though no one associated with this project has suffered from the coronavirus crisis as of right now.

Moreover, many feel that TRON shouldn’t even apply for relief funding when so many other businesses really need the money to survive.

For now, it remains to be seen how much truth there is to this entire story.

It is circulating on WeChat, although there is no real document by the US government to back up these claims.

Apparently, this grant is designed to protect the salaries of those working on TRON in the United States.

Assuming this is true, it is not an official endorsement of TRON by the US government by any means.

Instead, it would be a rather scandalous turn of events if there is any truth to these claims.

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