Trinity State Channel Protocol for Ethereum is now Available


It has been coming for some time now, but Ethereum is getting its first state channel. Known as the Trinity State Channel Protocol, it will bring some interesting new solutions to the table. This project has been in development for several months, and the new technology can be accessed starting today. A remarkable milestone for both Trinity and Ethereum, as improving blockchain operability remains a top priority.

The Trinity State Channel Protocol

For those unaware of the Trinity Protocol, it is worth noting this is a universal off-chain scaling solution. Given Ethereum’s struggles in terms of scaling and network congestion, such a solution is no unnecessary luxury. It is evident scaling solutions will be introduced by the ETH developers at some point, but having more alternatives is always a positive state of affairs.

Some of the benefits offered by Trinity include privacy-oriented features, off-chain transactions, and being completely open source. As such, this technology can be adapted to any existing blockchain in existence today. Having this technology make its way to Ethereum is a positive development, as it will help determine how viable this idea is. For developers, it also gives them a way to build their projects without further bloating the Ethereum chain.

Through the Trinity State Channel protocol, smart contracts and their associated assets can be enhanced. More importantly, the protocol elevates a blockchain’s transaction throughput to new levels. In its current state, Ethereum doesn’t process nearly enough transactions to accommodate its current array of dApps in development. With an off-chain scaling solution that situation will change for the better.

As of today, Ethereum users and developers can make use of the Trinity State Channel Protocol. Over the coming months, the team will further optimize its Ethereum-oriented solution. This first iteration will be a good example of how this scaling solution can affect the network in the months to come. Getting developers excited about this option may prove to be a big hurdle to overcome, though.

Final Thoughts

Scaling solutions remain a problematic point of debate in the cryptocurrency world. Although nothing will really change in the near term, the Trinity State Channel Protocol for Ethereum shows improvements are not that far off. Depending on community engagement, this scaling solution may pave the way for a new era for Ethereum altogether.

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