Tribo Flameys, Be VEE – Summer Collection Impacted By Bearish Winds; Chronocatz Pumps New Life To NFT World


After the massive success of its token launch, Chronoly has started a public mint for Chronocatz, a brand–new collection of 7,777 NFTs. Chronocatz is considered by many as a serious challenger to the long-standing titans of the NFT world, like CryptoPunks and Doodles. On the contrary, the future of two NFT projects – Tribo Flameys and Be VEE – Summer Collection – looks quite grim. Both projects’ prices, sales figures, and trade volume have plunged severely. Thus, investors are instead moving towards Chronocatz, which promises a strong return.

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Struggle Of Tribo Flameys Intensifies

Tribo Flameys is an NFT collection of 2000 unique avatars. Developed by Tribo Games, Tribo Flameys NFTs have been rolled out to celebrate the launch of the company. On OpenSea, the current floor price of Tribo Flameys is 0.09 ETH, a fall of 25% from last week’s value. Besides, the trade volume of Tribo Flameys is just 50.26 ETH, which is 84% below its performance last week.

The sales of Tribo Flameys have also seen a dip of 69% in the past seven days. Tribo Games is a developer of multiplayer games with Web3 technology, and the Tribo Flameys collection is designed for Tribo’s core community. These 2000 Flameys NFTs are available in four rarities.

Be VEE – Summer Collection Gets Cold Response

After the middling success of the Be VEE – Summer Collection, investors became wary of further involvement with the project, curated by South Korean artist and animator, Ramdaram. Consisting of 10,000 procedurally generated avatars, the project aimed to mirror the success of similar PFP projects such as the well-known Bored Ape collection.

However the current floor price of Be VEE – Summer Collection is 0.02 ETH, having witnessed a fall of 70% in the past seven days. This is compounded by a 56% decrease in sales volume, spelling trouble for the future of the project.

Chronocatz Will Explode And Make Its Holders Millionaires

Chronocatz is a collection of 7,777 NFTs, recently released by the team that created, a decentralized watch trading platform. These NFTs are represented by unique cat avatars, which come with a set of unique traits and features.

The key feature, however, is the luxury watch that the Chronocatz NFT wears, determining the rarity of the avatar. Notably, the timepieces that the Chronocatz NFTs wear represent real-world high-end watches from multinational brands. Chronocatz holders can be categorized into six tiers, determined by the rarity of the Chronocatz’ watch.

The holders’ of Chronocatz are given membership of a private watch club named the Chrono Wealth Club (CWC). The members of CWC are eligible for several benefits dependent on the rarity tier of the NFT, such as access to exclusive NFT drops, higher staking yields, and private auctions. There will also be private member parties and networking events, which only Chronocatz holders will be allowed to attend. Chronocatz holders are also entitled to receive extra discounts on trading fees within the Chronoly platform.

However, what makes the investors go crazy for the project is the real-world asset backing to all Chronocatz. Since all Chronocatz NFTs are backed by and linked to real-world luxury watches, their value becomes resistant to market fluctuations – largely because luxury timepieces have historically witnessed a rise in their value.

Notably, phase 1 (private mint) of Chronocatz was sold out, and phase 2 (whitelist) witnessed sales of more than 2300 NFTs. Phase 3 (public mint) is live and will end in the next few days.

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