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If you too are lost among all the new NFT collections that come out every day, this article is made for you.

During 2021, the NFT market has just exploded so much that it is estimated today to be 41 billions of dollars. From this observation, Guillaume Souillard (the founder of ClankApp) started creating Trengible.

The product was launched in January 2022 in order to provide an easy-to-use app that allows you to observe the trendiest NFTs of the moment and help you to see more clearly what is going on in the NFT market in real time.

How does it work? Trengible uses OpenSea data in order to filter and aggregate the most trending NFTs in real-time.

On the app, you can find the market capitalization of NFTs on different periods in order to observe the largest NFTs collections on the last 24 hours for example. You can also find technical details like the “floor price” or the volume traded over 24h / 7d or 30d.

You can also get the detail of each NFT with information like the last sale price in USD and ETH and you can also find a link to OpenSea in order to make an offer for the NFT.

On the detail page, you will find all technical informations about the NFT like all assets or the latest sold transaction:

And to conclude, if you want to stay alerted about the most trendy NFT’s, you can follow their Twitter Bot.

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