Integrates VeChain (VET) as an Official Payment Method

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For alternative currencies and assets, finding real-world use cases is often complicated. VeChain users will be pleased to hear that is now integrating this currency as a payment method. A feather in the cap for this project, to say the least. 

Travala,com Steps up its game

The past few months have been very positive for the platform. Not only are all numbers going up, more currencies are being supported as payment methods. A very interesting trend, and one that will benefit the industry as a whole.  Using cryptocurrencies to book flights and pay for accommodation is a crucial real-world use case. 

The latest currency to be supported by is VeChain. This is an interesting, although not too surprising choice. The VeChain ecosystem has been firing on all cylinders, primarily due to its blockchain being used in the real world. Its native VET asset also has potential, as it is now an official payment method on this platform. 

Vechain CEO Sunny Lu adds:

“Positioned as the ecosystem enabler, VeChain has been on a path for accumulating real-world applications and client base, and we’re always on the lookout for partnerships amongst a diverse list of industries to widen the adoption of blockchain. We’re pleased to partner with to bring users an enhanced travel experience through the utilisation of blockchain technology.”

Being able to explore over 2.2 milion accommodation options with VET is a pretty big deal. There aren’t that many currencies supported by at this point. Primary options include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and the native AVA token. Adding VeChain to this list tells a very interesting tale. 

A Major Step for VeChain

At its core, VeChain is often looked at as a blockchain service solution. It is certainly gaining recognition in this regard. Numerous major companies are incorporating this technology into their offering. Walmart, for example, is actively exploring the potential of VeChain’s blockchain as of late. Some of Vechain’s other partners are doing the same in different parts of the world. 

Now that VET is validated as a real-world payment method, the narrative has shifted significantly. Although there are other platforms accepting VET, is a major player in the industry today. Having their support is incredibly valuable and validating. 

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