Transforming Online Gambling With TrustTracker and CasinoCoin

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The online gambling industry is evolving at an accelerating pace. As this industry grows, the demand for safe and verifiable outcomes will increase in parallel. TrustTracker, a solution leveraging the CasinoCoin blockchain, provides a solution every gambling provider can benefit from. 

The Growth of Online Gambling

Ever since the internet was introduced, the concept of gambling and betting has undergone significant changes. More and more of these activities are now happening through online platforms and service providers. According to recent statistics, the industry grew to $53.685 billion by the end of 2019. 

While this figure represents the global online gambling market, it is unclear what role cryptocurrencies play.  After all, numerous casinos and betting platforms allow for Bitcoin and altcoin support. This figure does not seem to include those platforms as of right now.  A different report confirms how crypto support will continue to drive growth in the overall industry.

What can TrustTracker do?

Regardless of cryptocurrency support, the solution provided by TrustTracker will benefit everyone. Having a transparent overview of the outcome of every spin and bet is unprecedented. Players can validate the outcome, while casinos and gambling providers can improve their overall reputation.

Building trust is crucial when money is changing hands. Any casino or betting platform should provide itself upon providing verified results. Not only will it improve credibility, but it also creates a first-mover advantage. The first providers to incorporate this technology will have a significant competitive advantage.

Leveraging this verifiable data can also help to engage players. After all, players will be able to see the results and have any doubts removed. From a marketing point of view, the data can be shared with affiliates to help them attract more players. The options are virtually limitless for both players and gambling providers.

Integration is Easy

For those companies looking to incorporate TrustTracker, all it takes is an API. This API will push all results onto the CasinoCoin blockchain. The hash of every result is then forwarded to the player, allowing them to perform the necessary validation. 

There is also a mobile application to make this process easier for players. Through the app, game results can be verified in near real time. Players will also receive additional information, including the transaction ID, game ID, and so forth. It creates a very different level of transparency the industry has never seen before. 


In an industry renowned for fun and games, additional transparency is no unnecessary luxury.  The technology has arrived to take the entire gambling industry to a whole new level. Consumers are showing an interest in betting online, but they also want to know the truth at all times. 

Leveraging the CasinoCoin blockchain makes TrustTracker a very viable solution for the entire industry. Combined with support for cryptocurrency payments, online gambling will enter a new era altogether.  

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