TradingView Platform Now Available As part of Bitget Derivatives Exchange

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Crypto exchange Bitget has announced its partnership with the leading social trading platform TradingView. According to today’s press release, the integration is part of the exchange’s plans to provide users with extended instruments for market analysis and ensure uninterrupted trading via a holistic interface. The advanced tools included in the TradingView platform’s service package allow users to access technical analysis charts and many other market insights – all valuable additions to Bitget’s product offering.

The TradingView platform is a social trading service that provides millions of traders around the world with advanced instruments for market information and technical analysis. The integrated communication services make TradingView a vast hub of interaction among traders, both novice and professional, channeling experience and trading strategies.

Bitget has gone ahead with the integration of the TradingView service to provide its users with new opportunities of tapping into advanced market technical analysis in real time. The presence of the communication channels will also enhance Bitget’s community reach and make the exchange an attractive venue for industry newcomers by giving access to elite trader insights and strategies. TradingView’s interface will be seamlessly integrated into Bitget’s application, ensuring convenience and on-the-go trading in the perpetual futures market. The combined benefits of the integration will lower overall risks for exchange users and provide them with the benefits of an established trading powerhouse from the traditional financial world.

“Bitget is proud to be chosen for this integration among a select few players in the industry. We anticipate improved user experience and deeper insights from this partnership. At Bitget, promoting crypto adoption through partnerships with reputable entities has always been a key focus. We’re pleased to collaborate with TradingView, a leading global financial platform, to integrate our offerings into the advanced and booming ecosystem. This integration will grant millions of users access to Bitget’s services using their TradingView accounts, making it easier for more traders to transition to the Web3 world,” as stated by Gracy Chen, Managing Director of Bitget, regarding the partnership.

The Bitget exchange managed to achieve considerable success in 2022 by reaching the Top 3 spot in the global exchange ranking in the trading volume category. The launch of copy trading for the spot and futures markets in recent months has also bolstered the exchange’s positions, allowing users to mimic the trades of experienced traders.


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