TradeStars is an Alternative Solution to Traditional Fantasy Sports

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If you love sports, then you’ll surely love the idea of managing your favorite fantasy team! The first beginnings of fantasy games were in the 1950s, but the idea has progressed tremendously since then. With the rise of the internet in the 1990s, traditional fantasy sports have evolved to become a $20 billion market today.

Traditional fantasy sports can be played by anyone interested in a particular sport. The goal of fantasy sports is to use your knowledge and predictive abilities to guess which players will shine in the upcoming games.

Finishing at the top of the list will often get you some rewards. Playing globally with millions of other users makes it pretty hard to become one of the best, but people still play because they love the excitement and fun of making accurate and sound predictions.

The fantasy sports evolution reached a new level with the invention of blockchain technology, and the TradeStars platform is a testament to that. People can now play and have fun while making some serious money at the same time. 

What is TradeStars?

TradeStars offers an alternative solution to traditional fantasy sports, serving as a fantasy stocks exchange platform that allows users to monetize their sports knowledge. Unlike traditional fantasy games, this one will allow you to buy actual fantasy stocks of your favorite athletes.

These fantasy stocks can increase in value over time, depending on the interest of other players. For example, Derrick Rose (an NBA player belonging to the New York Nicks) had a spectacular comeback this season. A good predictor would`ve bought Derrick Rose’s fantasy stocks in 2020, at an early stage. Because of the rising demand, these stocks would have now been worth over ten times more.

Derrick Rose’s best games this season instantly raised fans’ interest, and now demand has gone through the roof. The more users who buy fantasy stocks associated with a particular athlete, the more their value grows, making your trade eventually profitable. 

If you’re someone who’s knowledgeable and passionate about sports, you can now potentially make a fortune through the TradeStars platform!

A Blockchain-powered Platform

You can think of TradeStars as a decentralized exchange for NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) powered by the Etherum and Matic Layer 2 blockchains. In order to buy and sell these digital assets, users must fund their wallets on the platform. 

TradeStars’ main token is $TSX, and players can use it to buy stocks, unlock new markets, and receive dividends (depending on the performance of the athletes).

Every athlete is considered an asset that can be unlocked and traded. When you want to purchase a fantasy stock based on one of these athletes, you’re actually buying fractional NFTs. This way, more users can have fantasy stocks of the same player, and can make profits if the value of the NFT grows.

Trading is conducted and facilitated by the rules of the blockchain. TradeStars will receive a small percentage for the transaction and reward the validators who make the exchange possible. Since every transaction occurs on the blockchain, trading is transparent and seamless.

An Improved Traditional Fantasy Game

It’s frustrating to have a deep understanding of a particular sport and not be able to capitalize on it. That’s the downside of traditional fantasy gaming – there aren’t many ways to monetize knowledge and trading. 

Believing and investing in the most promising athletes, before they become famous, should be rewarded. With TradeStars, this is finally made possible, and people can truly reap the rewards of making predictions of any kind. 

TradeStars has plans to offer additional sports markets in the future. They kicked off with cricket and followed-up with soccer, but will soon offer basketball, baseball, and other popular sports.

Wrapping Up

Passionate sports fans love the element of betting and using their skills in fantasy sports to show off and have some fun. With TradeStars, sports fans can have fun and earn at the same time – but they’ll need to brush up a little on their crypto skills before diving in!

TradeStars is a revolutionary and one-of-a-kind decentralized exchange platform that takes traditional sports betting and gaming up a notch. If you’re a fan of some of the world’s most popular sports leagues, then you’ll have a blast exploring this new and exciting world. 

With enough research and skills, anyone can now take a chance and invest in athletes who they believe are the future next-gen stars. If their predictions pan out, the rewards are endless!

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