Traders Pledge $600M on ETH; Bitcoin Whales Join This New AI Presale Poised For A 2,000% Growth


With the ever-fluctuating dynamics of the crypto market, traders are constantly on the lookout for the best cryptos to invest in. As Ethereum grapples with the risk of losing significant support levels, optimistic traders gear up to seize the day. However, in parallel to this, another phenomenal movement is unfolding in the world of new ICOs. Enter InQubeta an AI-powered crypto platform that’s causing quite the stir, catching the attention of even the most seasoned Bitcoin whales.

InQubeta: The Next AI Revolution in Crypto

Before talking about Ethereum’s recent moves, it’s pivotal to highlight the rising star in the AI crypto space – InQubeta. With a vision to democratize access to investment in emerging AI start-ups, InQubeta has become more than just a crypto platform – it’s a movement.

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By leveraging the capabilities of its $QUBE token, InQubeta facilitates fractional investments into AI ventures, with some of the coolest NFTs representing a stake. This is combined with a robust deflationary mechanism and a well-thought-out buy and sell tax structure. The result? A platform that not only promises returns but also catalyzes innovation in the AI space. As it garners attention, the InQubeta presale, which has already crossed over $3 million, indicates that it might just be poised for a staggering 2,000% growth.

What’s in store for ETH holders?

On-chain analyses hint at the possibility of Ethereum losing the $1,600 support – a level it has held for half a year. Yet, the crypto landscape thrives on both pessimism and optimism, often at the same time.

Despite the prevalent fears, there exists a silver lining. A sizable faction of bullish traders is making behind-the-scenes moves, betting on Ethereum’s resilience. Current data pulled from 21 crypto exchanges reveals a striking trend. Bullish traders have set active orders to buy an astounding 643,000 ETH, aggregating to almost $600 million. To put this in perspective, this amount is approximately 50% higher than the current sell orders for Ethereum, which stand at 431,000 ETH.

Bitcoin Whales Set Their Sights on InQubeta

While Ethereum garners significant attention, InQubeta is quietly making waves, enough to attract the titans of the crypto realm – the Bitcoin whales. As these influential players begin to recognize the potential of InQubeta’s unique approach to AI investment, they’re placing their bets on its presale.

In a market dictated by volatility and uncertainty, the stamp of approval from Bitcoin whales speaks volumes. This shift of attention to InQubeta highlights its potential and the collective belief in its impending 2,000% growth. If you are wondering which crypto to buy today for the long term, QUBE may be the answer for you.


Ethereum’s journey exemplifies the very essence of the crypto market. However, as seasoned traders navigate these waters, there emerges a beacon of innovation and potential – InQubeta. With its AI-driven vision and the backing of influential Bitcoin whales, it stands ready to redefine the crypto narrative.

As traders place their bets on Ethereum and InQubeta alike, it’s evident that the crypto world is in for an exciting ride. The convergence of AI and cryptocurrency, as championed by InQubeta, holds the promise of reshaping the investment landscape. And as it stands, those who recognize its potential early on might just be at the forefront of the next big crypto wave.

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