Trader Who Predicted Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) Rally in May Now Says $QUBE is the Next Big Thing


The spotlight in the cryptocurrency realm has turned to an anonymous trader whose prescient call on Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) in May left the crypto community awestruck. The forecast of a remarkable rally for Bitcoin Cash left a profit trail in the trader’s wake. Fast forward to today, and this anonymous trader is making headlines again, with sights set on InQubeta ($QUBE), a burgeoning cryptocurrency generating buzz across the digital landscape.

The good fortune that resulted from this previous prediction has caused several investors to have faith in the trader’s analysis of market trends. The newfound interest in this blockchain ICO makes investors wonder if luck can strike twice. This article delves into the trader’s latest focus, InQubeta, reviewing its standout features to see if it genuinely has the potential to be the next big thing on the decentralized cryptocurrency list.

InQubeta ($QUBE): Revolutionizing the AI Industry With Blockchain Technology

InQubeta offers a fresh perspective on blockchain innovation. Its unique features and innovative approach have set it apart as a rising star. What makes InQubeta particularly intriguing is its focus on merging blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI) using trending NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This fusion of two cutting-edge fields opens up possibilities, unlocking new domains in the AI industry.

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The blockchain ICO offers users the opportunity to support the growth of the AI industry by allowing them to invest in AI tech startups. This goal is fostered through crowdfunding using fractionated NFTs that give investors a portion of a startup’s equity. One cannot overlook the impressive momentum of InQubeta’s presale, which has become a beacon in the crypto world.

Amid burgeoning price predictions and rising investor interest, the $QUBE presale has witnessed remarkable growth. The numbers are impressive, with over $3 million in funds raised and 350 million tokens sold. The token has amassed this growth at a current price of $0.0113 in its fourth presale stage, with an anticipated DeFi coin price upon launch of $0.0308, all adding to the allure.

This success story not only reflects the project’s robust foundation but also signals the growing enthusiasm for blockchain initiatives on the decentralized cryptocurrency list that push the boundaries of innovation. Other features such as governance, token staking, a burn mechanism, and a marketplace for its trending NFTs are fitted into the platform to propel its growth and increase the demand for $QUBE tokens as the project’s prominence heightens.

Bitcoin Cash ($BCH): From May Rally to New Frontiers

Bitcoin Cash is a prominent player in the cryptocurrency arena, distinguished by its commitment to larger block sizes, thus facilitating faster transactions compared to its predecessor, Bitcoin ($BTC). $BCH emerged in 2017 following a contentious hard fork within the Bitcoin community, and it has since carved its path in the crypto world. Despite occasional market turbulence, $BCH has maintained a resilient presence. Its scalability and faster transaction speeds have positioned it as a viable alternative for users seeking a more efficient digital payment system.

Notably, this trader has accurately predicted the Bitcoin Cash rally that unfolded in May. This prediction astutely captured the cryptocurrency’s upward trajectory, underscoring the trader’s ability to read market trends and seize opportunities. As such, the pivot towards $QUBE piques the curiosity of the crypto community. Although $BCH has faced some volatility following market uncertainty, its DeFi coin price remains green, showing that the trader was aware of the project’s immense value.


The trader who accurately predicted the $BCH rally in May has now pivoted towards InQubeta, marking it as the next big thing. This seasoned trader’s track record lends weight to the choice, drawing attention to the potential of $QUBE. As the crypto market evolves, traders like these serve as beacons of insight. As the spotlight shines on InQubeta, it presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking new projects that promise innovation and growth. With a potential 240% increase from the fourth stage to launch, now is the best time to partake in the revolution InQubeta brings with its trending NFTs.

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