TradeDog Group Makes Crypto Industry a Safer Place for Investors & Startups

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The cryptocurrency sector has detached itself from traditional finance, developing its own principles and rules that derive from the use of decentralization, a community-oriented approach, and innovative technologies and tools. Even though blockchain-based assets have grown into an entire industry, there is still much vagueness about many projects, processes, and rules, making it difficult for novices – including investors, consumers, and enterprises – to navigate through this emerging market.

To bring more clarity to the crypto industry, a team of experienced traders/VCs/analysts joined their effort back in 2019 to found TradeDog. While the company started as an institutional-grade research provider, it has quickly grown into a diversified group of crypto-oriented businesses that together make the “crypto economy” accessible to the masses. The mission of the TradeDog group is to empower everything crypto.

The group’s leadership team includes Gaurav Dubey, CEO of TDeFi, Ateek Farooqui, Co-Founder of TradeDog, ​​Henrik Rasmussen, Head of Investor Relations at TDeFi, and Rishabh Gupta, Director of Operations at Tradedog Group.

The TradeDog family includes the following companies:

TradeDog Research

TradeDog Research provides institutional-grade research reports, helping clients analyze market trends and benefit from a clearer picture of where digital assets are headed. TradeDog analyzes and tests trade models using technical and fundamental analysis. The resulting intelligence is integrated into its machine learning models to boost the accuracy of the analysis.

TradeDog Research brings market intelligence to the users through the following products: 

  • Token Analysis – Research team provides in-depth reports on tokens based on multiple factors derived from technical and fundamental analysis. 
  • Market Intelligence: Tradedog team leverages its network of entrepreneurs, VCs, DAOs to build market intelligence and bring this information to the users in a simple format.  
  • Investment Advisory  – TradeDog uses AI to trade alerts based on its analysis of the market movement using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Treasury management – enterprises can benefit from the risk-averse nature of TradeDog’s professionals who assist individuals and institutions to manage investments and cryptocurrencies to optimize liquidity and mitigate risks.

With TradeDog, investors can make an informed decision when getting exposure to digital assets, build a safe portfolio, and open risk hedged positions. TradeDog’s research and analysis reports cover all sectors of the crypto industry, including Bitcoin, altcoins, decentralized finance (DeFi), stablecoins, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), among others.

Since its launch in 2019, TradeDog has helped its active community of 70K+ crypto traders and investors generate average cumulative returns of 36% MoM through its 100+ in-depth crypto asset reports, 50+ reports on 5 distinct crypto sectors, and 150+ actionable trade advices. Reports generated by Tradedog have garnered over a million eyeballs. 


To further build on its mission to make the crypto space a safer environment and support new projects, TradeDog Group developed TDeFi, an incubator that helps crypto teams materialize their ideas and benefit from connections to survive in an ever-changing market.

Launched in mid 2020, the crypto startup incubator has already helped dozens of projects build their presence in the crypto and DeFi industry. TDeFi’s incubation services offer new teams access to world-class mentors, advanced technology, industry connections, marketing and community, exchanges, liquidity, and growth hacking partnerships. While it focuses on DeFi, the incubator also assists projects related to NFTs, metaverse, and blockchain in general.

TDeFi’s services are divided into four main verticals as follows:

  • Regulations and compliance – TDeFi helps new teams structure their projects in line with the regulatory framework within their jurisdictions. It offers guidance on best practices from a regulatory perspective.
  • Ideation and mentorship – TDeFi ensures that startups have relevant connections with mentors and advisors within the blockchain industry as well as traditional finance.
  • Investors and community connect – from token allocation to token sale and community building, TDeFi helps startups develop and improve their presence online and offline. Its network consists of some of the most respected influencers in the crypto community.
  • Token advisory and growth management – one of the most important aspects of a DeFi project is related to tokenomics. TDeFi assists DeFi projects with token distribution and economics in line with the long-term vision of the founding team.

TDeFi is interested in forming long-term partnerships with the incubated startups, providing lifetime advisory and supporting them throughout their journey.

Since its inception in 2020, TDeFi has incubated 37 startups, including the likes of Vulcan Forged, Bridge Network, Myth Central, Megaverse, Drife, and Palmswap, which have already been launched and have a collective market capitalization of more than $2 billion


TDx is a crypto-oriented launchpad. It has no staking requirements and implements an FCFS (First Come, First Serve) allocation system, empowering ecosystem builders by enabling them to access retail funds, thinly distribute their tokens, and build an initial community of long-term hodlers and supporters. TDx users can invest from $25 to $1000 without staking. Users can get exposure to vetted crypto startups before their tokens get listed on public exchanges.

In its short journey of only three months, TDx has built a community of 40k+ KYC-verified investors and 60k+ registered users on its platform. It hosted one token sale which was 2 times oversubscribed and saw 1,100 investors applying for allocation, of which 494 investors finally got allocations with an average size of $50.


TDMM is TradeDog’s market-making division. The team leverages decades of experience across top financial institutions in trading company stocks, commodities, and digital assets. Operating in the crypto industry since 2015, TDMM has done liquidity provisioning and market making for over 50 tokens. TDMM actively deploys and operates proprietary, market-neutral, and highly scalable marketing-making technologies across all the major centralized and decentralized exchanges (DEXes). Besides market making, TDMM also provides tokenomics and exchange listing, algorithmic and discretionary trading, and token management solutions.

Since its inception, TDMM has provided liquidity and market-making services to more than 50 projects. TDMM has been working with major exchanges and DEXes, including Binance, Huobi, Kukoin, Kraken, Uniswap, Sushi, and Curve, among others.


TD.VC is an early-stage crypto-oriented fund powered by TradeDog. It was started by technology entrepreneurs, engineers, and successful investors. The team passionately believes that Bitcoin and blockchain technology will drive global innovation and social change.

The company’s mission is to support early-stage crypto startups and founders by providing initial operational capital, business expertise, and ecosystem partnerships required to take their product to the market.

Besides these five companies, TradeDog also operates Bizthon through TDeFi. Bizthon is a global blockchain hackathon that gives participants the opportunity to win $1 million in grants and investments. On top of that, the teams behind new crypto projects can engage with Unicron startup founders, VC investors, and blockchain experts to consolidate their position and convert their ideas into a real business.

Thanks to TradeDog Group and its subsidiaries like TDeFi, the crypto industry is not only safer and clearer but with greater opportunities for investors and new projects alike. On one side, investors can better understand digital assets and their performance, and on the other, vetted crypto startups can materialize their ideas and get access to a network of mentors, an existing community, and a pool of well-informed investors.  

The TradeDog brands have been associated with many success stories, and the ecosystem is currently expanding vertically and horizontally. The team led by Gaurav Dubey is devoted to the success of its startups and their sustainable growth. Both investors and startups regard TradeDog as a safe gateway to the crypto market. 

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