Tracking Developer Activity Becomes Easier Through Crypto Commit

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Tracking the activity of a cryptocurrency project can be achieved in many different ways. Most people tend to look at the price, network activity, or transaction volume.

While all of those statistics are valid, one has to look at development-related metrics as well.

Crypto Commit is a Valuable Addition

Crypto Commit wants to position itself as a site that provides this crucial information.

The platform aggregates commits across all repos and branches of any crypto-related project.

In a lot of cases, testing of new features is done away from the main GitHub repository.

However, those statistics are hardly ever represented in most statistics.

With CryptoCommit, it quickly becomes apparent which projects are doing better than others in terms of GitHub activity.

So far, MakerDAO and DAI are firmly ahead of the pack, followed by Cardano and Ethereum.

That is very different from how most people would rank the top crypto projects on the market today.

That being said, these rankings will undoubtedly change on a rather regular basis.

CryptoCommit also shows that a lot of the overlooked altcoins have plenty of developer activity in general.

One fun fact is how Bitcoin ranks at #71, just ahead of Steem and behind Bread.

That said, Bitcoin has been around for quite some time now, whereas most other projects haven’t survived for more than three to four years. 

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