Top Three Crypto Presale Gems That Could Explode: Big Eyes Coin, Dogodoge, and Metacade


So you’ve heard the rag-to-riches stories of people getting in on presales early and making an absolute killing by staying ahead of the crowd?

A cryptocurrency presale is basically a form of crowdfunding that allows early buyers to buy newly announced coins or tokens before they are made available to the general public. Pre-sales are mainly held to generate interest in new cryptos and raise funds for their development teams. The biggest benefit of taking part in a cryptocurrency presale is that it frequently offers significant savings over buying on the official ICO (initial coin offering).

In this piece, we will explore the top three cryptocurrency presales making noise that are set to explode: Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Dogodoge (DOGO), and Metacade (META).

Big Eyes Coin – BIG gains for BIG eyes.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), has become the largest cryptocurrency presale in the last two years as it recently surpassed an incredible $22 million! If there is one new crypto presale worth your attention, it is this one.

The team’s primary goal is to redistribute wealth in the DeFi (Decentralised Finance) sector, but their aspirations don’t end there. Additionally, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) distributes 5% of its $BIG transactions to organisations that protect marine life.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) also features the iconography of an adorable cat with big, captivating eyes – yes you guessed it the cat is called “Big Eyes”. As a cat, he stands out in a vast ocean of dog meme coins – which is supurrr!

The promo code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 gives you a 200% increase on whatever you decide to invest, allowing you to not just double, but triple your investment! However, this code expires very soon, so pounce fast whilst you can.

Dogodoge – Step Into The Dogoverse


If you missed out on the huge gains of Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB) or other meme coins, Dogodoge (DOGO) is your chance to shine! Dogodoge, is a new hot meme token that has their very own Metaverse with built in NFTs – step into the Dogoverse…

DOGO, the native token of the Dogodoge ecosystem, is an Ethereum ERC-20 token that serves as a utility token for the Dogoverse. You can use it to buy NFTs, participate in game modes, carry out P2E transactions, and take part in decisions that influence the dogoverse.

Given the enormous popularity of Dogecoin (DOGE) and the many other dog-themed joke coins, it is very possible that the Dogoverse will take off like a rocket to the moon! The fact that you can earn rewards by staking Dogodoge is an excellent additional reason to keep it in your wallet. This means that you can make money just by keeping DOGO in your wallet!

Metacade – Bringing Gaming To The Metaverse

Ever wanted to game and also hang out with your friends and family, but everyone is on a different side of the world?

The Metacade (MCADE) is a Web3 community hub where blockchain users and gamers can communicate and work together, to build a fun and lively virtual community where like-minded individuals may enjoy everything that GameFi and Web3 culture has to offer.
You could connect with other gamers, developers, and businesspeople who want to unite their interests, knowledge, and resources in support of a common goal – all while earning the native $MCADE token for your contributions to the community! What’s not to enjoy about this.

Owners of $MCADE tokens can vote on which developer-submitted games will receive financing through the Metagrants programme, which is in line with Metacade’s mission to put games back in the hands of players.

Currently in stage three, having raised over $5 million, Metacade is a presale not to be missed out on!

Final Thoughts

Presales are a great way to get ahead of the crowd before your coin reaches the masses and explodes. By getting in early, you can secure your space on the rocket before it takes off to the moon…

But there are so many presales out there, making it hard to choose which coin to pick… Why not start without top three trailblazing presale picks: Big Eyes Coin, Dogodoge and Metacade!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)





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