Top P2E Projects To Watch In 2022


Did you ever think you could earn income by investing your time and attention in playing online games? Today, gamers can earn income from play-to-earn games on blockchain-based platforms. P2E gaming model has provided a huge opportunity for gamers to earn income while having fun. Nevertheless, hundreds of games on the blockchain-based network reward gamers with cryptocurrencies. Let us take a look at our top 5 P2E projects to watch out for in 2022.

Liberty Gaming Guild

Liberty Gaming Guild earned our top spot in the best 5 gaming projects for 2022. The guild aims to be the ‘gateway’ for gamers to gain access to otherwise expensive and rare NFTs within blockchain gaming and provide an atmosphere to learn and thrive within the system. They don’t just exist to fulfill gamers’ desires to earn money playing games; they impact the lives of gamers through education, training, and support. Liberty Gaming Guild builds reality from obscurity. The game seeks to broaden opportunities for all crypto-based gamers globally by lowering the entry barrier for participation. The game also bridges the gap of ignorance by providing training on various aspects of learning, including DeFi, CeFi, money management, investment guide, etc. Logging onto their platform is a gateway to accessing innumerable opportunities for learning and self-development.

Axie Infinity 

Axie was developed by a Vietnamese company, Sky Marvis, and was released in 2020. This breeds furry creatures called Axies that are NFTs. Axie Infinity follows blockchain economics, where you make money by investing and spending more time in the game. Players earn cryptocurrency, which they can exchange for real money, by breeding, trading, and battling Pokemon-like characters called Axies.

Yield Guild Games (YGG)

YGG is a play-to-earn gaming guild. They buy into the NFT assets of different blockchain games. For example, they own a lot of axies, a lot of cars in F1 Delta Time, a lot of land in games like Sandbox and League of Kingdoms. They lend these assets to their player base, the guild members. These guild members play with the assets within the game. YGG serves a dual purpose. Anyone can become one of their community managers and earn percentages accrued to assets in the guild even without playing a single game. Gamers can earn 20% profit from their acquired asset if they lend them to other gamers. For example, in the case of Axie, while a gamer earns SLP, 70% goes to the player, 20% goes to the community manager, and 10% goes to the creators of the system.

League of Kingdoms

The League of Kingdoms is the world’s first decentralized Massive Multilayer Online (MMO) blockchain game. Players can build their kingdom, join alliances, and participate in raids. There are basically two ways to earn. The first is through land ownership. Landowners get 5% of the in-game resources harvested in their lands by players, and 10% of the net revenue of in-app purchases made by players is shared with landowners. Gamers can also earn by owning the resources in the game, minting them as NFTs and then selling them off.

Coin Hunt World

CHW is a geo-location free-to-play play-to-earn online game. To participate, you are prone to explore your neighborhood. It features a cube-shaped blue object which represents a player on a digital map. On the map, blue keys are strategically scattered around. Thus the player has to step outside, locate the blue keys, and capture them in their locations. CHW is an adventurous game that pays gamers not just with NFT’s but with BTC and ETH.


Our top 5 P2E projects are all unique, and each serves a unique purpose for gamers. From liberty gaming guild, which doesn’t just serve as a platform to earn but also gives room for self-development of players, to Axie infinity that pays players for in-purchase (SLP), the future is undoubtedly great for these P2E games.

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