Top Hot Jobs in the Crypto Industry

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If you ask most folks today, they will tell you that you can only make money from either mining or trading cryptocurrency. Since the big giants have taken over the mining space, daily investors have to make their money from buying and selling cryptos. However, this could not be further from the truth. The cryptocurrency is just that: an industry. There are many ways you can tap into this growing industry and make good money. In this article, we want to discuss the top hot jobs in cryptocurrency and how you can tap into the existing opportunities today.

Top jobs in cryptocurrency

Blockchain developer

Behind every crypto or blockchain project is a blockchain developer working hard to see that the system works and runs. A blockchain developer is in charge of all the processes in a blockchain application. As a blockchain developer, it is your responsibility to build the blockchain infrastructure so it can meet safety standards and protect against cyberattacks. You would need to master multiple programming languages to become a blockchain developer.

Business development Representative

Crypto developers do so with the ultimate aim of making money and you cannot make good money without learning how to close deals. A business development representative is priceless in this regard. Business development representative learn about their company’s crypto projects in detail and then seek out funding and partnerships that will drive income and the overall success of the project. 

Data Scientist

Every technological firm in the world right now is looking for data scientists and crypto developers are not an exception. Data scientist help analyze and break down big data to streamline processes. If this might be a good fit for you, then go ahead.  

There are many more jobs you can get with regards to cryptocurrency. You can find them on your one stop to quality information regarding cryptocurrency. 

Solidity developer

Solidity developers are special developers that use object-oriented solidity language to build and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum based applications. The job of a solidity engineer is to create, audit, test and review solidity smart contracts. Since solidity is the base language of the Ethereum network and most Dapps run on the Ethereum network, it is safe to say that this job is a lucrative one. 

Back-end developer

Back-end developers are in charge of building the background architecture for new website, writing high quality code and creating systems that run efficiently. They develop APIs and carry-on performance tests, do blockchain deployment, design software specifications and provide technical support.

Financial analyst

Every cryptocurrency project would need a financial analyst to tell them how investors and buyers are thinking and what they need to do to drive the project and also convince investors to put down their money. These financial analysts should also have a good grasp on the cryptocurrency world so they can effectively analyze financial data in a way that benefits the project. 

Security architects

Since the cryptocurrency industry prides itself on being safe and secure, every crypto project needs a security architect to help them build safety nets and security networks. The job of a security architect is to create an infrastructure that protects a crypto project from any form of fraudulent attack. 

Whitepaper copywriter

If a crypto project is to be taken seriously, then it needs to come with a detailed whitepaper that explains every detail of the project. Most tech guys are not savvy writers and this role is usually reserved for a technical whitepaper copywriter. 


If you are thinking of switching to a career in crypto, you are on the right path. The industry is growing and there are currently many opportunities for you to explore. We have already listed some of the top hot jobs in this article and you can decide to move in any direction today.  

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