Top Five USA Franchises With Crypto Deals


    Crypto is a huge part of the sporting world, and many crypto companies have struck up deals with franchises across the USA. With America having some of the most recognisable sports franchises across the world with many people wearing their products at will there is every need for sponsorship deals with these franchises at any opportunity.

    One of the sponsorship opportunities over the past year has been crypto. Crypto is mentioned more than new betting sign up offers when sports are mentioned these days. So which companies and franchises have struck up the best deals over time together? It will probably have been in the past year during the 2021 boom!

    • Philadelphia 76ers

    The basketball side has three championships to their name but none since 1983. However, in 2021 they managed to pick up their first division title for 20 years. During that time last season, they announced that they would be striking up a deal with

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    The deal means that has featured on the jerseys of the 76ers who are being tipped as the dark horses for this season. Joel Embiid even featured in an advert for the company and the 76ers are planning on releasing NFTs.

    • Miami Heat

    Another basketball franchise that has adopted the crypto world as they struck up a massive deal with the Crypto Exchange company FTX. One of the biggest deals that was agreed was the name change of the court. The Miami Heat changed the name to the FTX Arena and players such as Nikola Jovic and Jimmy Butler can be seen playing at the arena promoting the FTX name.

    The deal was reported to be around $135 million and a great advertising deal for the massive crypto company. 

    • Cleveland Cavaliers

    Basketball once again and it comes as no surprise that this is the case in the USA. The Cavaliers joined up with United Coin who used the deal with the Cavs to move forward dramatically in the crypto world. As part of the deal, the Cavs agreed to display UnitedCoin on the team’s in-game home court.

    • MLB

    Not necessarily a franchise but part of the sporting world in the USA. The Major League Baseball decided to join with the crypto boom and hype by agreeing to a deal with FTX as the official crypto trading sponsor.

    You will see FTX brandished all over the place at MLB games such as on the umpires who have them on their shirts.

    • LA Lakers and LA Clippers

    The LA sides were both affected by the deal that happened on their shared stadium. The famous Staples Arena changed its name following a new deal with a crypto company. It was agreed in a $200 million deal that Crypto.Com would take over the sponsorship deal.

    Basketball seems to have been affected the most by the crypto world but that could all change soon with the news that NFL now accepts blockchain sponsors. However, the association will not allow sponsorships like the stadium name changes.

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