Top Dog Coins: $Golden Wins Gold At +54% — $BONE +25%, $DOGE -1%, Shikoku +44%

Golden Inu Token vs All The Dogs
Golden Inu Token vs All The Dogs

The heated rivalry for top dog of crypto ecosystems is on.    While the Binance Smart Chain’s new Golden Inu token [$GOLDEN] has been the top cryptocurrency in this niche all month, finally Shiba Inu is ‘woofing’ back.    Though it’s still not growing as fast as the $GOLDEN token, the Shib Army is pumping the $BONE token as ‘promises’ of Shibarium launching this week have come again.

The results have put Shiba Inu’s $BONE token ahead of all dog meme tokens except one, Golden inu.     The $GOLDEN token increased in value by 54% vs $BONE rising only 25%, over the last 24 hours.      

Golden Inu, a BSC Token, Still The Top Dog

Binance Smart Chain’s new rival token to $DOGE & $SHIB is experiencing phenomenal growth since its public listing on PancakeSwap exchange — February 24th.  While the market capitalization of the bep20  is still low at US$193,000,  yesterday investors added over US$60,000 alone.  

Currently, crypto-investors buy US$16,300 worth of $GOLDEN tokens daily [on average] and numbers are rising.  Without the weekends included, a down time for all commodity trading markets, the daily average is over US$24,500.  Analysts predict trading volume for the new token will explode once the token gets listed in CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap.

The reason for Golden Inu’s rapid growth is the perfect execution of the cryptocurrency’s founder & developer team.   The founder (@3TC) promised to have an ecosystem at the same time it went public on PancakeSwap and delivered.  The “Golden Quest,” phase 1 of the new crypto ecosystem, launched Monday.  Users are already partaking in various community activities which allow them to earn cryptocurrency for helping build the community-owned, new BEP20 token.

The investor base of Golden Inu also appears extremely active and loyal.    Memes to create brand awareness have flooded reddit, twitter, tiktok and instagram.      The grassroots marketing being applied appears quite similar to what created Shiba Inu token’s brand & equity value.  If the formula still works, the $GOLDEN token could increase in value up to 1000x or more.

Shiba Inu, Baby Doge Coin, Baby Shiba Inu — Struggling Dogs

Most other dog meme tokens are nowhere in the race for the last 24 hours.  And over the week, even worse.  The lack of actual technology has caused many investors to begin migrating over to “Golden Inu [$GOLDEN]” via Pancake Swap exchange.

Floki Inu [$FLOKI] is down nearly 8% on the day.   Baby Doge Coin [$BabyDoge] is down nearly 4.5% today.   The Baby Shiba Inu [$BabyShibaInu] is up nearly 2%, while Shiba Inu [$SHIB] grew 8% as many ShibArmy loyalists are considering a purge.  The cryptocurrency’s Shibarium ecosystem will rely heavily on $BONE according to Crypto News, but still the layer-2 technology has not launched.

Shikoku Token Up 44% Today But Down 61% on Week

Shikoku token [$SHIK] is up  44.2% today but this follows a 61% from its all time high of the last 7 days.    The token has not released a functional product that gives the token utility.  However, the crypto brand does appear to be reaching a growing audience. If it released a technology that gives the token utility, it could make a swift turnaround.  

Old Faithful $DOGE Might Get put Down

And the ‘grandfather’ of all meme tokens, DogeCoin [$DOGE]  is out of gas as well.  It plunged 0.05% . Without Elon Musk it continues to sink.  Since the Tesla founder stated he’s no longer into crypto and only AI tech, the $DOGE has declined over 12% with many predictions questioning if it has a future at all.   Without Musk’s companies behind the cryptocurrency, it’s unclear who would give it common utility.  It has no technology or ecosystem like its predecessor  Golden Inu [$GOLDEN] nor ‘a publicized plan’ for a crypto-community like Shiba Inu [$SHIB].

And while its Shiba Inu has not really grown, its trinity of tokens are rising.  As mentioned, the news of the Shibarium ecosystem launch this week has pushed prices.  However, the reality is that there’s still not even a ‘phase 1’ of the project launched.  And the erc-20 token’s developers have been promising it since early 2022.

Regardless, the ‘hopium’ is being sniffed across the ShibArmy community.   Users have begun a buying frenzy of the $BONE Shibaswap token.  It’s up nearly 24% in the last 24 hours. This is not as significant as it appears however when compared to prices 7 days ago.      The token has been nosediving since February 26th and only up 1% since 1 month ago.

Overall,  No token is compared to Golden Inu crypto’s value increase.  In the current bear market, it’s one of the few tokens to actually increase by over 300% in the last 2 weeks.  And as its r/GoldenInuToken subreddit community continues growing by 35-50 users daily, it still has not hit a pinnacle moment in marketing reach.    As news spreads, this could factually become the biggest token of 2023 based on evaluation & comparison of current stats to other cryptocurrencies.

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